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Heyo to everyone who knows me (like 4 people lol),


I'll be taking a break from Fuwanovel since alot of stuf is happening IRL...mostly good stuff so no worries! So wow, where to start XD


I haven't been on computer for enternainment purposes much these past weeks, and I barely login on osu! & Steam. For those who see me on League, it's mostly my friends using my account as their smurf (I've played like 8 games in 2015). Another big factor is that University is coming in 1 semester so I need to prepare for that (tutoring); I also have karate classes and social life. Yeah, I have a social life ;D


The Facebook page is my greatest accomplishement here, I've been on it from the time it barely had 2K likes (now over 17k). At that time, Aaeru litterally gave me the page and trusted a random guy on the Internet to make it grow. I've met so many people since then and I had some crazy fun. I hope that you guys won't remove me from it since I still go on it from time to time... Pls don't remove me <3


I don't know when I'll be back, but not before June that's for sure. I will surely lurk from time to time as a guest when I'm bored or when I want to see what's up with the website ;)


Good luck with the website!

Please stay well everyone & live with happiness!

Hopefully, I will see you all in a bit!




2015.03.12 7:52PM EST - logging out~


PS: If you want to talk to me for whatever reason, Lewy has my Skype ;) (Just please say who you are when you add hahaha)

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Yes! Now I don't have to feel bad when I visit the osu thread anymore!


Hope you do well when you go to university, real life should always take priority.


I won't remove you from the Facebook staff, you can come back anytime :)

Good luck with all your future plans and hopefully you come back one day when stuff calms down~

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I hope everyone is doing fine, because I am! I finished my summer semester and got accepted into university! These last months have been really tiring, but worth :P


I would just like to say that I will be coming back to the facebook page! I see it has been a bit off lately but I'll focus on it!


So, if there are some important news to share, please tl;dr me? 


And good job on promoting the Steam page also (y) 



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