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FuwaChanges: A Comprehensive List of Fuwanovel Changes

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"With great change comes great confusion"

Missed out on any of the recent changes and/or implementation of features on Fuwanovel's site and forums? Look no further!
What's new: 

  • (9 Oct) Upgrade to IPB 4.0.


Earlier this year:


NO MORE TORRENTS, fuwanovel.net has changed to fuwanovel.net; Site features: Fuwazette, FuwaReviews, PlayerMentorProgram, and like+follow on Facebook+Twitter!

  • Domain and Host Transfer: Fuwanovel.org has changed to Fuwanovel.net. Remember to change your bookmarks! Summary of changes: here. Tay's plans for the future: here. Report any site bugs: here.
  • No More Torrents: Fuwanovel no longer hosts torrents. Also, please do not link to or mention torrent sites. Mhmm. No. More. Torrents. Also, please beware keywords 'Fuwanovel' and 'Pre-patched' in your future searching endeavors~
  • FuwaZette: "Connecting the world". Get the latest info, translation updates, and other VN-related news here!
  • FuwaReviews: "An ongoing project to build a one-stop portal for VN reviews across the interwebs." Want to read VN reviews? Submit VN reviews? This is the place to be!
  • Facebook and Twitter: Avid user of social media? Remember to Follow Fuwanovel on Facebook and Like on Twitter!
  • Player Mentors Program: Veteran or newbie? The PMP is designed to allow experienced VN players to help newer players find, play, and enjoy VNs! Sign up now!
  • Front Site Redesign: Tired of the current look of the front site? Fear not. Revamps are on the way~
  • Site Funding Plans: Funding plans include utilizing ads & developer affiliate links. Donations accepted! You can donate here.


A shoutbox, blog app, recognition & award systems, new skin themes, and other goodies!

  • Forum Rules: First, be sure to know and understand all of the forum rules!
  • FuwaDirectory: Ever wondered who does what for Fuwanovel? Well here's your chance to find out!
  • FuwaChat 2.0: Yes, we have a (new) shoutbox. Yes, it's (still) dead. Yes.
  • Blogs: Need a place to blog? Look no further. Fuwanovel now has its very own blog feature!
  • Fabulous on Fuwa: A blog dedicated to recognizing peoples' efforts. Be sure to drop by and share the love!
  • Forum Skin Themes: Tired of Gravity Green? There are new themes available, and they have customizable color schemes!
  • Contribution/Participation Recognition (CPR): I like awards. Do you like awards? Check them out here!

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