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Compressing blog posts

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If there is an option for this, I can't find it.


I just finished writing a really long post on my blog and I noticed that the blog software on the forum doesn't really compress the posts when you're just viewing the main blog page, it always shows the entire entry no matter what.


So the "read full entry" option at the bottom is kind of pointless since it always shows the whole thing.


But the major problem is really that with long posts it becomes a huge drag to scroll through blogs if you want to read previous posts, it's a little messy.


I was hoping that there was a setting you could use to have posts stop after a certain point on the main page so they don't become insanely long.

You could then use the "read full entry" option if you want to read the whole thing, as it should be. 

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Are you using the dashboard view?  Use the filters in the green header bar to change the view.  The default is Dashboard (which isn't very good).



Edit: I noticed you're right: The read full entry option seems to serve no purpose.  Sounds like a technical oversight.  The VN translation status entry just covers the entire screen.  I think maybe the greater problem is the lack of entry truncation rather than the dashboard view, which simply keeps the translation status thread out of sight.

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I'm talking about when you visit a person's specific blog, if they have really long posts, you're stuck scrolling through walls of text/images if you want to view older posts.

If you had an option to compress post size like in Wordpress where it just shows parts of an article unless you click "view full entry", I think it would make things easier for everyone.

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