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I'm getting an escalating number of Skype messages/Google hangout messages about the formatting of the blog feeds. I know it doesn't look very good, but my first priority was making it functional.


Each of the blog feeds are broken down into "Blocks", and each block has the potential to get custom formatting. I just don't know what I'm doing in that department : P. When I click "custom template" it gives me the following code (which I think is just a bare-bones starter point), but it's a fully-editable input box and I can't help but think this is where we can set the blocks to use the theme styling.:

<div class='general_box'>
	<ul class='hfeed'>
		<if test="is_array( $records ) && count( $records )">
		{parse striping="feed_striping" classes="row1,row2 altrow"}
		<foreach loop="$records as $r">
		<li class='hentry {parse striping="feed_striping"}'><a href='{$r['url']}' rel='bookmark' title='{$r['title']}'>{$r['title']}</a>
			<br /><span class='date'><abbr class="published" title="{parse expression="date( 'c', $r['date'] )"}">{parse date="$r['date']" format="short"}</abbr></span>
			<span class='desctext'>{IPSText::truncate( strip_tags($r['content']), 32 )}</span>
<br />

I don't know if that means anything. Part of me thinks that what I need to do to fix the formatting is create a hook for each of the blocks. The rest of me thinks I'm in over my paygrade here and I'm up for any knowledgeable person's guidance : P.

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< 3. It was merely an act of self-preservation ; P, & it would have made its way to you soon enough. Last night I was stranded in clinic with no cell charger and people began messaging me en masse (like that very same Rooke who liked your post : P) asking why I hadn't immediately fixed the format. It was either post to quell the increasingly outraged masses before their PMs/chat messages killed my battery, or stop watching You've Got Mail in-between patient visits.

I chose the movie. Forgive me, Nay-sama.

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