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Notification system spamming my mailbox

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Yeah, I'm having an issue with my mailbox getting so many notification emails that my mail filter actually set Fuwanovel as a spam address...


So, I need to ask, how do I get FN(FuwaNovel) to send one mail pr topic, no matter how many replies there are? As it is now, I get one mail pr reply, I can basically read entire threads(if I started them) through my inbox, which seems kinda overkill to me @_@

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Unfortunately if you follow a thread and have e-mail notifications on, you'll get an e-mail per post. It's just how it works.

You can change notification frequency, though. It might help if you set it to daily digest instead of immediate, but this also means you won't get an e-mail the moment someone replies to the thread. Also i'm not sure this setting reduces th2 amount of e-mails to begin with, you'll have to test it yourself.

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