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Happy Birthday Mare!

Thanks everyone. I haven't been around very often lately, but having support from the community always makes me warm and fuzzy inside. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Thank you for the wishes everyone! It's such a weird feeling being in my 30s already... At least I've got a lot of weird RL stuff happening lately to distract me from my advanced age. Hopefully

Thanks all! ^^



Happy Birthday, Zalor! Look forward to reading more of your VN analysis.


This means a lot to me, thanks. I don't know what I'm going to write about next though. ;P





Happy Birthday Zalor! Hope you have a good one!  rBhoIYw.png    pixel_birthday_cake_by_pionpi-d4l9m62.gi


Had to put it inside a spoiler for space constraint, but that is definitely one of the best pictures of Lyn I've seen.  

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I forgot this thread exists.


Thank you everyone!


Might be a bit late for this but.

Happy birthday, Zalor! Do you still remember me? 


Also happy birthday Tatsujin! I have no idea we have the same birthday. No wonders we are both pervert.


Oh and happy birthday メルP!

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