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edit: everything´s solved up^^


Hi there

I´ve got the hole VNR set up and running after resetting my harddrive again


however now that everything is working again I came upon some minor details, which annoy me nonetheless


there are two things (pictures for those are in my dropbox folder - link below)


The first picture is from the translation window of Aokana

As you can see there are two translations shown

My problem here is, that the first one is the one I set up, while I don´t know where the heck the second one is coming from

I wouldn´t mind if I could just turn it of - however after turning the preferences upside-down I didnt find anything to deactivate it

nor where this process is even coming from


Bottom Line : I want to deactivate the second translation - however dunno how


The second picture is a popup notification, that shows up in short intervals

I´d like to ask to get some help to find out what it says, from where it is - and then deactivate it

cause it always throws me out of fullscreen



After bearing this blog of text, every help would be very much appreciated

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Allright, I used a Hiragana chart to make out some of the symbols and use some image recognition to text software for the Kanji and came up with this:


As for the question it asks, Google translate says this: "Last scan

Are you sure you want to Sukiyan (co Konpiyu COMPUTER for update ?"


So I think it's "Last scan was 2015/02/05, Are you sure you want to shut down the computer for update?"


I honestly have no idea what the sukiyan is supposed to be as the image recognition software botched up some of the Kanji. Just press "Do not ask again" and it should dissapear.

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