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Piece of music I made after I finished Cannonball

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Dont know I this is too off-topic but I wanted to make a beat and it suddenly turned into a tribute to Foxbat from cannonball neko neko race (I think im gonna do an actual review on this soon because it intrigued me more than it properly should :P)



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Really nice! It's really enviable that you've got the musical gift and can write "tribute" music (even if by accident) : P

Its the accidents that makes the greatest track :D. It started because I did the original beat with samples from the original BGM and it kinda just escalated for me because the song kept reminding me of the ending that I got.

Fun fact I did the same when I finished Saya no uta, its here: https://soundcloud.com/psyched_mind/utanosaya



Never read Cannonball, but man, really digging that song.


What software did you use to make it, by the way?  I'm mildly curious.

Thanks! I'm an ableton user :)

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