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(\^-^/) Konnichiwa 今日は

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I've been around the forums for a little while but never got round to making an intro post so here it is, and also an excuse to use one of the 5 Japanese words I actually understand. I have your typical interests anime, manga (I have the entirity of Black Lagoon to read currently), JRPG's, Visual Novels and other assorted interests from the glorious Nippon. I like gaming in general so I'd say at most 50% of the stuff I play is Japanese in origin.


I'm currently studying for an extended diploma in computer software and in time off from that I run an anime, manga and Japanese gaming/pop culture reporting site with a smattering of other content contributors. http://extramana.com/


I'm also awaiting the 5th season of MLP the hiatus is very much real. Well that's all the vaguely interesting things I have to say for now. Also this image, because it distracted me from doing College work for about 10 minutes.



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Welcome! I understand the pain of waiting for MLP season 5. -_-

I know right. Why would they make this the longest hiatus! If I don't get some techni-coloured equines soon I don't what I'll do.

Other than watch anime, read manga and play vidya but still the wait is too long.


Welcome to the forums fellow neptunia fan

I am indeed a Neptune fan. I think Iffy is my current Waifu.

I'm hoping when the PS4 games of the series start coming out they will make a new anime/and or manga.

Given how much this franchise is selling right now I think it's possible.

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