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A Farewell to my Board Mod Team and Some Rambling

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While I already discussed this in private with them, I feel the need to inform the community that I'm dissolving my team of Board Mods and make it more official as well as let everyone know what's going on.


I had fun in this experimental program, though I think I could have done better in some areas, but it was very informative and I learned a lot of things and felt like I progressed as a moderator and I believe my board mods also felt the same way.


I don't dislike any of my Board Mods, nor do I think they did a bad job for the tasks they were assigned, but simply put I don't think a board moderator program is something needed right now. Or at the very least not with its current structure, but that's beyond the point.


I'm here to thank all my Board Moderators for the work they have done and bid them farewell from the team, because they deserve it.


Stray Cat, who together with me started the anime club which turned out to be quite successful and who I will still leave in charge of said club and will still help him out with it. He did quite a lot of moderating as well, especially when I was asleep :ph34r:


Ceris, who at the very least helped me keep the Love Live thread moderated when I wasn't paying attention and I know he tried hard to come up with ideas as well.


Madvanced, who despite not being as active still helped me put together some ideas.


Katatsumori, like his name indicates, he didn't have the biggest presence, but when he did pop up he did his job like any of the others


And lastly OriginalRen who I'm sure you all know has done a stellar job at coming up with activities to do all the time.


It was a short stay, but I really appreciate all of your work and hope that you'll still want to help the forums grow in the future, even if you don't have the title of Board Mod assigned to you.



Contrary to my initial statements to my Board Mods, and unlike other Global Mods, I'm not going to recruit a new Board Mod team, sorry if this disappoints anyone that was looking to take a position, and sorry that it was contrary to my initial statements to the Board Mods.


The matter of fact is that, after much deliberation, I just don't feel the need to have a Board Mod team for the current tasks at hand. I don't think I'm overloaded with work that I'd require that, nor do I think the forums overall is in desperate need of more moderating staff.


A moderator's job is to help around in general and of course moderate the forum, this is something that's currently more than covered by the current staff. Anything outside of this scope is not moderator work in my eyes.


To me, being a moderator simply means moderating the forum in order to keep it cleaner. I don't like having the active task of coming up with ideas. That's not me at all, if anything that puts more pressure on me and hinders possible ideas I could come up with because I feel rushed to come up with them, because I feel like I have to meet higher expectations. That's why I'm really happy to see that a team specifically designed for coming up with improvements will be created, and I can just be that guy that that moderates the forum and helps around wherever it's needed, both with improvement projects and just generally helping users with what I can. I think that suits me much better and it's an environment I feel more comfortable in :)


And as far as coming up with new ways to help the forum, anyone can bring up an idea at any time, just like I sometimes spontaneously come up with ideas, this is how I've always worked and how I feel comfortable working. For example, the entire rules thread I made was literally something that just popped into my head one night and ended up redesigning the whole rule system structure.


Things like this pop up randomly, I can't force them out, and I'm sure Board Moderators felt the exact same way initially, hence why I'm fine with them not having that burden anymore, but it's exactly because they don't have that burden anymore that the existence of Board Moderators in such a small forum is still almost obsolete now that an improvements team is going to be created, and why in the end I decided that if I want to make any new project, I'll ask the community for help, if I come up with a project any time, I'll ask the community for feedback, and for moderating in general and helping out where it's needed and if the Improvements Team needs help, I'm fine with helping them out, I don't feel overworked at all and feel like I can keep going and helping out as much as I can.


So that is that, thank you to my entire Board Mod team for participating in this experiment and for sticking with me until now. I was inexperienced but I tried my best.

Let's keep having fun from now on too~


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