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The forum is slow

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This is something I noticed the past weeks. The Fuwa forum is slow and doesn't respond that well to my commands anymore. I have a good connection and other sites isn't slower to compare to Fuwa. 


For example. Every time I post an answer it loads for perhaps 10 seconds before posting the answer. This was made in 0.5 sec before. Sometimes I wonder if my comment was even registered and I know at least once I did a doublepost by accident.


Is this something anyone else noticed or felt during the past 2 - 3 weeks or so maybe? Because other sites I am visiting and using isn't slower than normal.




Edit. It took me 15 sec to create this topic when I pressed the "post" button. I have no problem editing my comments.

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I'd say this is a known problem and I'll fix it... but I won't. Or already did. Who really knows?

Alright. Good to know it is a known problem. I tried to search for a related topic without success. It felt hopeless when it worked so smooth last month. But I guess it is thanks to recent changes and Tay probably destroying some code. We can blame him right?  ^_^

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