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Change! (Demo Available)


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LATEST UPDATES: 16 April 2015

(The demo is now available. Please refer to Updates Info. section for more information!)





*************UPDATES INFO*************


1. Update 1 - 03 March 2015: Screenshots and PV added

2. Update 2 - 07 March 2015: We're now on Kickstarter. Please dowload the demo from the link below:


3. Update 3 - 11 March 2015: First goal reached

4. Update 4 - 14 March 2015: Change! is now on Steam Greenlight. Please check the link below:


5. Update 5 - 02 April 2015: Second PV added




(This time we introduce a new but familiar character - Namir - Meowl team's mascot. If we can get enough support and reach the stretch goal, he will be a special love candidate in game!)


Finally, the wait is over!!! 

Please check out "Change!" demo in the provided link.

And of course, we're looking forward to receiving your feedback/comment about the demo. Please help us to create a game that worths your time and your attention.

Again, thank you so much for your concern! <3


Hi guys, I'm the translator of Meowl Team -  a group of Vietnamese students having big love for visual novels. "Change!" is the very first product of our team, and it's still in the process of finalizing. At the moment, we're still working on the GUI, music, and CGs. I will keep you guys updated along with the game making process! Feedbacks are greatly appreciated. We - Meowl team members - all have one and only dream which is creating games that are adored by everyone!




A- Project Introduction


"Change!" is a visual novel/ otome game, which is a novel in the form of a story-based video game. You will play as the female character and make your own decisions throughout the game in order to get a romantic ending with your love interest.

The story brings you to the life of Tran Hong Mai (name changeable) - an ordinary Vietnamese highschool girl. She is one of the simplest girl in the world with nothing outstanding about her appearance or character. 17 years have flown by, yet her life remains quiet and boring...

Mai's life was expected to plainly continue, until her 17th birthday. Without knowing the reason, Mai's body was swapped with Hiep and it caused an extremely ridiculous situation to both of them. From that moment, fate has begun to take a new turn.

"Change!" will bring to you sweet and comedic memories that everyone has in their lifetime as a high school student. Many surprises are waiting ahead! ;)




(The project is now still a work in progress. This is what we’ve planned so far when the full version is released. Adjustments may be applied if needed.)

- Free demo version is coming soon

- Two versions of the game will be released

(no voiced version is estimated to be sold at $7, and $15 for voiced version)

- Compatible for Windows, Mac OS X
- 3 guys and 1 girl ready to be your love
- Each character has 3 to 5 different outfits

- Estimated playing time: 3~12 hours
- 12 endings including love endings, friendship endings and bad endings
- Tons of hints for BL & yuri fans
- Cute artworks with beautiful original soundtracks
- 40+ CGs with lots of eye candies
- Custom GUI
- Chance to learn more about the culture and traditional culinary of Vietnam
- Full game will have an opening video and 4 ending videos to be unlocked.







Mai is the protagonist in CHANGE!. She’s like a plain dish that you will forget the taste right after you’re done eating. And like any other girls at the age of 17, Mai only has two things to worry about: her study and her love life.





Grumpy, sarcastic, and unpredictable


Hiep - Mai’s childhood friend, who was once a kind and warm-hearted person. As the two grew a bit older and entered high school, Hiep changed completely. He has become a meanie that loves to make fun of Mai whenever he has the chance. There is nothing of a quiet and caring boy that Mai knew left. Can Mai – our innocent protagonist find out what is hidden behind Hiep’s grumpy attitude?


III - VU NGOC ANH (aka Na)



Energetic, optimistic, and carefree


Na – Mai’s best friend in high school. Na is the only daughter of Vu family – the owner of a large corporation. Nurtured under such special family background, Na grew up like a princess with unique personality. She may act so weird and unreasonable at the start, but as you process throughout the game, you may find out how sweet and thoughtful Na can actually be. 





Shy, kind, and smart


An – Na’s calm and gentle cousin. Despite of his baby face looking, An is a matured and sharp-witted man, who loves to take care of Mai and Na. If you choose to engage in An’s route during the game, get ready to be drown in a flood of his sweet and lovely actions.





Gallant, friendly, and fascinating


Tuan – Mai’s secret affair. Studying in the same class, but Mai never had a chance to approach this handsome guy. Tuan is famous in high school with his chiselled figure and also is the ideal boyfriend in many girls’ dream. The absolute boyfriend’s personality is left for you to discover!


B - Staff


Solry - Team leader - Main artist & lead writer 
Ji - Background artist 
Kazz - Programmer
Narcisse - Co writer
Airianne - Co-writer & translator
Akiko - Translator
Hoang Anh Do, Amber Lee Connors - Proof reader
Voice actor team - Sound Cadence Studios
Kazaki - Music composer
Aleema - GUI Designer
Macho poon - Fanpage manager
C - Screenshots and PV
Here is our PV!
And a few screenshots:
And some works in progress:
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I'd love to play something that has unfamiliar names to me.


I'll be rooting for you guys. <3




All the different pairings you can make.. sounds interesting.


I'm glad you're advertising this as a vietnamese visual novel and not trying to be something else. Lots of respect for that.


Looks like an ambitious project, good luck on making it happen.


Will definitely be keeping an eye on this! 


Thank you so much, guys!!! And yes, please keep an eye on our project. We're going to update manyyyyyyy exciting features very soon. 



At first I thought this is a translation project for that NSFW nukige  <_<

Anyway, good luck with your project~

Don't think we will become competitor in the future due to the different in target audience, but...who know  :lol:


Thank you Satsuki! Considering both of our teams are from Vietnam, we would be more than happy to be your team's companion/supporter. Let's try harder to make Vietnamese young talents be recognized by global friends!

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How had I not seen this before? Looks great and I'm always rooting for boldl projects like yours.

Awww thank youuuu /////u\\\\\ Your words mean a lot to us. Please keep an eye on this project, we're gonna update more interesting stuffs soon. Hope some of them will catch your eyes! ;)

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