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Throughout 2012, a series of bizarre horse murders have been occurring in the English countryside. In January, a 2-year-old stallion was found dead, with his eyes, teeth, and genitals mutilated. Months later, in May, a pregnant mare was also found mutilated after being attacked with a blunt object. She died after giving birth to a stillborn foal. Finally, a few days after, a third horse was found beheaded on a beach, marked with a cross topped with a gull’s head. 

No link has been made between the three cases, although locals in each instance claim that black magic or Satanism is somehow involved.

(I thought it was weird so I posted it here cause you people are weird as fuck)

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5 hours ago, FruitsPunchSamurai said:


Oh come on Jesus/disciple/saint, by going from these tags, at the very least this isn't one where a child get's their head cut off and the decapitated body gets violated.... although this might be a compilation that includes that one title in which rats eat a women alive and there are plenty of x ray shots showing her intestines being eaten from within.........


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