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Sigh, where did our childhood time go?

Classes, work, women/men, nagging families, chores, arthritis, senility, soul-searching, yelling at kids who have childhood time, the military, drunk evenings (or even mornings to midday), complaining how famous paintings look like crap, moaning about how your neighbor's dog won't shut the hell up and die, lurking forums for pictures of cats, replacing light bulbs, raking rocks, community service, jail time, sleep, those annoying dinners with the lover's parents when they keep asking when you're going to get married and produce grandchildren for their obviously evil cult that is hell-bent on world domination, hating children in general, fantasizing about things that are not possible in real life, porn, stacking empty energy drink boxes into pyramids, studying economics as a hobby, spray-painting patio furniture, learning new languages, recycling, going to the bathroom, washing your hands, being hygienic in general, dropping light bulbs by accident, accidentally cutting your finger while cutting an artichoke, accidentally stabbing your forearm with the knife while chopping lettuce, deleting spam emails, furnishing the entertainment center with wondrous otaku goods even though you know you will have no time to even use the damn thing, walking into a closed door, falling off your bed while sleeping, fixing computers, building computers, setting your alarm clock, looking at reviews for games you will never have time to play, washing dishes, looking at clouds and thinking that one of them looks like a UFO, punching babies (no wait, that's just a dream of mine), committing genocide against pesky insects in your place of dwelling, joining a religion, joining a cult, becoming leader of said cult, interacting with your lover's parents at regular times because you are the leader of said cult, create evil offspring, rule the world. 

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That it would. And while we're at it, once you control the world, if you're ever in the need for a right-hand man, I'm available. I promise to keep the backstabbing to a minimum.

You must swear to obey the mighty deity Kaguya, because I'm pretty sure something awful will happen if you anger him....probably....most likely, but probably not....don't kill me.

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And create intelligent dinosaurs that speak with a British accent, and whenever they see a human, they begin to ask them out for tea and cake, which later ends in your mind overloading with too much awesome.

Sounds like I joined the right cult. But can I request my dinosaur with a Russian accent?

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