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Then let me do the honor and name all of them

Starting from left to right

Kamio Misuzu , Tsukimiya Ayu , Kamikita Komari , Nakamura, Yuri , Nishizono Mio

Kurugaya Yuiko , Konohana Lucia , Kawasumi Mai , Ibuki Fuuko , Hoshino Yumemi , Noumi Kudryavka

Furukawa Nagisa , Kanbe Kotori , Natsume Rin , Saigusa Haruka , Yui

Ah so I should have known all of them except for Yumemi since I haven't played Planetarian yet. Can't believe I didn't recognize Lucia (I blame the ribbon) and I forgot Mai was another sword wielder in Key's Novels.

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I like this image, cause it shows off a side of Mayoi Hachikuji, you don't often see.

Its also heartbreaking sad.gif


I like Mayoi. She would come 4th or 5th for me in the monogatari series though since all of them are lovable <3

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I never really liked Hachikuji... She'd be my least favorite from the monogatari series, even though I usually like the loli characters.

Her interaction with Koyomi makes me smile all the time. Prolly why I like her.

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