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Something I should have never made

"Fuwan Abyss" A Fuwan Story I should have deleted long ago.  

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Oh god... I forgot this thing was even in my Comp saved.

I never want to imagine myself continuing this story.

I don't care about the typos anymore.
(Ugh, just remembering my IRC arc for this thing is ...)

Anyways, for the lulz, I'm posting the 3 pages I have made for the Fuwan Community during 2013.


(ACCURSED) Fuwan Abyss


The main characters during the time was Kaguya, Sparkker and Lewycool. They were lured by the said OP'ness of the Fuwan Abyss as no warriors could ever last this place. This is supposed to be an epic tale on how they try and conquer and defeat the boss of the Fuwan Abyss, Aaeru.

The 3 Arcs that were planned before

Arc 1 - Welcome to the Fuwan Abyss

Arc 2 - Welcome to the Land of Steve

Arc 3 - Welcome to the IRC


The 3 pages of ... -

Prologue: Heck? Is this?

They’re late. I, Sparkker, looked at my watch and it’s already 4:15 PM. My friends and I have scheduled to meet in front of the portal at exactly 4:00 PM and yet there is still no sign of them 15 minutes later.

Two running figures came towards me and came to a stop then bowed, “*pant* Sorry, we’re late…”

My two friends, Lewy and Kaguya are coming with me to travel to a place named Fuwan Abyss. It is said that this place is where Otaku warriors fail to last.

Lewy is my yuri-loving Otaku friend. He is very proactive when it comes to the yuri and brandishes me his pictures of yuri from a certain website. I could say that if lesbianism is allowed, he will go to all lesbian marriages possible.


Kaguya, my otaku friend, whos gender I’m still uncertain with. Though, I know for a fact that she said she is a girl. I still have my doubts. In my thoughts, I’m like Yoshi of Baka To Test and she’s Hideyoshi but this time, however, I see her as a boy though she’s really a girl. I think?

I only had one secret to them and it’s my ability. My ability itself can be considered a cheat but it also causes my personality to look a bit demented. In any case, it’s not like I’m going to need it anytime soon.

The Fuwan Abyss is said to be managed by a strong leader who goes by the name Aaeru. Aaeru is said to be a great rebel amongst rebels due to her people saying that she starts multiple fights in different places.

The Fuwan Abyss is said to be divided into multiple levels which makes traveling a whole lot harder.

“So guys, are you ready?” I asked. The two replied back at me with ready faces and carrying their bags behind their backs.

“Let’s go!”

Chapter 1: Snow is here, Traps is there, Yaoi Everywhere


We rushed into the portal. There was a certain lag to the teleporting which made us a bit dizzy and faint. When we woke up, we see ourselves in the middle of frozen wasteland. There was only one mountain, which I know for a fact is the trap.

How did I know? It’s part of my ability and common sense.

With Lewy feeling cold and all, instead of him the one manning up, we headed to the mountain. Although I know the reason why Lewy is feeling cold, I really don’t feel like spoiling it into my mind.


We slowly climbed the mountain. The treacherous paths and beasts we come across are the easy parts since going down is harder, trust me.

After hours of laborious climbing, we reached the sole cave of the moment which was located at the very top. Kaguya started a fire using the match and sticks she had brought along with her bag.


I decided to tease her, “Un, Un, Very man-like.”

“What are you saying?” He, I mean She, turned red. Well, that was unexpected. A tsundere reaction… That’s something.

“Brr, Can you use your fire magic to make it hotter here? I’m freezing.” Lewy wrapped his arms around himself. He was pretty cold. I could see him shivering intensely right before my eyes.

From the distance, we heard footsteps. We readied ourselves for any wandering monsters that may come by. The footsteps were slowly getting nearer. Lewy looked outside to check what is coming towards us. He was shocked to report to us that it was a human rather than a monster. Slowly, the silhouette of the person was close enough for us to pounce on. Just when we were about to, Lewy pounced on me.

This couldn’t have been executed any better. Lewy looked at me with eyes of a dog in heat. Oh yeah, I should just play along with this, for a while.

“You! What have you done with Lewy?” Kaguya shouted in rage. She then drew her sword and pointed it at the neck of the suspect.

The suspect then leaned forward directly to the blade and shattered like a fragile glass.

“What?” Kaguya looked shock. The suspect then reappeared behind her and locked her arms and leg using the snow behind her.

“Finally, two boys in one go… I won’t be bored anymore.” The suspect said. He then snapped his fingers. Lewy then started unbuttoning my shirt. Hm… I’ll probably wait for his appearance before I try to break free. I really felt no threat at him unbuttoning me.

“Boomer, before me…” Ohh… He’s here. Then a person wearing a very cute frilly maid clothes readily came to the suspect’s side.


“Well, my goal has been achieved so I’ll break free now.” I told the suspect. I stopped Lewy’s hand from unbuttoning me and glared at him.

“Ugh.. What happened to me? We were about to attack then Grr… That gay moment..” Lewy shivered more on the Gay fact rather than the snow.

“Good to have you back, dude.” I high-five Lewy.

“Lewy..” Kaguya was teary-eyed… Hmm.. I think that’s too emotional for him, her. Oh well, I can’t argue with nature.

“Let’s go.. and just ignore that… *I pointed to Kaguya*” I hinted Lewy to ignore Kaguya for a while.

“Spaaki. Who’s that cute little girl over there?” Lewy, clearly showing a liking to the boy, was disillusioned. It was clearly a boy no matter where you look.

“Uhh… How should I put it?” I muttered. I was hesitant. I know Lewy was really weak to traps. He could probably faint from the shock.

“Well, spit it out.” Lewy urged while showing an excited face.

“That’s a boy…” I dropped the bomb. Lewy left his mouth hanging from the shock. Oh damn, I knew this would happen. I better snap him out of it fast.

“Here boy, Yuri pics…”  I took out my contingency yuri pic for any situations such as this.

“LEWY HAS RETURNED!” Lewy immediately grabbed the yuri pic and rubbed his face in delight.

Getting back to the topic, I looked at him daringly, “So then, Snowtsuku what’s your deal?” His maid sticks close behind him like a frightened little child.

“There, there, Boomer,” He comforted his maid then looked back at me, “You! How dare you make my maid cry! For this you will pay!”


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