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Key's 10th Anniversary Giveaway Special!

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Welcome to Key's 10th anniversary giveaway special! Unlike other giveaways I have hosted, this 1 will feature a series of activities that all of you must complete in order to be featured for the prize at the end of the event. What prize is that you say? Take a look!




Games include:

  • Kanon
  • Air
  • Clannad
  • Planetarian
  • Tomoyo After
  • Little Busters! EX



Since the box itself contains a plethora of games in it with the addition of collectable material, a simple random drawing with a list of names won't do. As such, in order to be featured in the giveaway you will need to complete a series of activities that I create in the coming month or so. Keep in mind that these activities can be simple or mundane; you won't know what they are until I reveal them.


Please note that should you fail to complete any of the tasks you will no longer be featured in the giveaway.


I am creating the giveaway in this fashion to really root out the members of Fuwanovel who truly want the Key box. This is also being done so people don't feel as cheated based on a random number generator, as the list itself will be cut down should people lose interest in the coming month. Don't worry, the tasks are not challenging and won't require a lot of time commitment, but they will require you to work some should you truly want the prize. Complete the 1st task to be added to the list, and keep completing them after that to stay on it. You will know what tasks are a part of the giveaway.


Best of luck everyone, and have fun!

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Rewrite is not in there because it's not worth remembering :Kappa:

I shall definitely Rewrite your perception towards such a good VN.

I will dedicate more time to retraining your thinking than what Kagari(Moon) spent on finding a possible path for the future of Earth. 

*rant end

back to normal(I know your trolling :Kappa: 

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