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Harem Tengoku Da To Omottara Yandere Jigoku Datta Youtube Translation


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Episode 31 of yandere hell is up:


By the way, can I tell you something verde?

I'm pretty sure of one thing: you got Sayuri not because the game choose for you, but because you made only good choice with Sayuri from the start. The way Yuya was talking about her as

"the person I want to see the most",

I don't think Yuya would think this way just with the common route, but because of the choices you made (I am not sure but I think it started after she "drugged" you), I remember at some point you rejected Haruka but never got a choice for kanna, so I guess you would have to reject both Sayuri and Haruka to get Kanna, but since you made only good choices for Sayuri, you will get her route now, and I don't think you can see the others girls (and don't forget the "tea" waiting for you xD)

I think I will check with my ps3 later if the choices change something.

Oh! And nice work, as always!


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That's entirely possible! Someone also commented to say that it chose Sayuri for me because the game actually forces you to play Sayuri's route first, which, I haven't read about that in any reviews, but I suppose it's possible? I've read that Haruka can only be played last, so it's not a stretch that the other routes would have a specific play order too.

Anyway, here's episode 32!

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