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Harem Tengoku Da To Omottara Yandere Jigoku Datta Youtube Translation

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Hey kids!

I'm Verdelish. You may know me as the translator from Toradora! Portable, if you followed that project a couple years back. Well, last year I decided to start on a YouTube series for a new project - fan translating a certain yandere PS3 VN called Harem Tengoku Da To Omottara Yandere Jigoku Datta. (VNDB link)

Description (from VNDB):

"The progatonist, Kisaragi Yuuya, is the deputy head of the local high school history research club, and the student council has spoken: show off something to the next cultural festival or kiss your club goodbye. As such, Yuuya and his three fellow club members try to create a mascot character, Izaemon, to amass appeal for the club. However what follows is something that no one could have ever predicted..."
I have five episodes up so far. Admittedly I'm uploading fairly irregularly, but if this sounds like something you might be interested in, by all means subscribe to my channel!
See you in hell~~
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Thanks for the support, everyone! ^ ^


@SoulJustIn - I did have an avatar of Minori when I translated Toradora - is that what you're referring to?


I see , good i didn't mistake someone else a9xVG.gif


Good to have you here

and Welcome to the Fuwanovel Forums .


Good luck on your project too GWX7H.gif



(Ps: if you need any help, feel free to ask around here,everyone mostly kind ...... to help......)

(you also can pm me if you think i can help you)

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For subtitling I use Aegisub, and for every 20+ minute video it takes me about 8 hours of subtitling and timing.

Yikes.. 8 hours.. yeah, I understand how that is. I used Aegisub before too. It took too long for me, so that's why I got lazy and just started reading scripts I typed up out loud, lol.  Did you know, you could use VNR program to insert subtitles by yourself?  It's really easy&quick, and you can record the game as you play once you've inserted it in.  The VNR program grabs the jp text, and matches it to what you've inserted. The neat thing is that other people could even use/play the subtitles you've inserted too.


You don't have to do it ^^ just thought I'd share a quicker way if you were wanting to try an alternative.  Here's an example. That 14min video only took me less than 10min to insert subtitles in, since there's no timing you have to deal with.

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Yep! ^ ^ I had some viewers vote on which girl to pursue first, so I will be going with Sayuri. As for what ending I'm aiming for, well, I'll be going in blind, so we'll see what I get. xD


In other news, episode 7 is ready! Except... indexing in Xvid4PSP is taking a long, looong time, possibly because the video file is over 2GB... I may have to split the episode if I can't figure this out.

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Hey kids!


Sorry for the double post! I wanted to update the thread with the latest episodes.


Also, I was reading a (spoiler-free) review of the game, and it turns out the game won't let you play Haruka's route until you do the other two. So much for saving Kanna for last  :wafuu:


Anyway, episodes 8 and 9 are up!





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