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Date A Live: A Must watch anime for vn lovers

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So then, It is assured that it will cover 3 volumes (If I'm right) .... Yamai Twins and Miku <<< Are the new spirits? >>>

Although im not surprised, I have to say im going to be hesitant in my optimism because I was disappointed with season 1. The episodes didnt flow like they should of (compared to the LN in my opinion)

Well see how it goes.

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It seems Date A Live wasn't the hit I thought it was going to be. Dat hype

I still enjoyed it immensely since I like "generic harem" anime, and will probably not touch the LN. Reading the LN will change my view of the anime for the worse considering what people have said.

Definitely looking forward to Season 2.

It always ends in a harem so no one is disappointed. Fans think they are, but are also glad their favourite wasn't left aside.

Yep and this is exactly why the ending to Negima (Manga) pissed me off so much. Author decided to close off the routes of several girls without ever revealing who he actually ended up with...

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I'm glad to see there'll be a second season of this. I really liked it, even if deep down it wasn't anything particularly special.

The episodes didnt flow like they should of (compared to the LN in my opinion)

Which translation are you reading, dude?

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