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Forum Rules


While Fuwanovel is all for discussion and having fun, we still wish to have a regulated atmosphere that's not harmful to our users, these rules are meant to keep said atmosphere on stable levels. Please read each point carefully.

Fuwanovel's number 1 rule is Respect and Civility.

  1. Don't personally insult anybody.
  2. Don't be a troll or promote misconduct.
  3. Don't bait or harass any user or staff member.

We take these offenses very seriously and we hope our users respect this rule above all else.

General Forum Guidelines

These guidelines are meant to be followed when posting on our forums.

  1. Don't embed explicit hentai images or videos on posts/threads, use Spoiler tags/URL form instead and tag it as NSFW.
  2. Don't advocate for any real-life crime. This is taken very seriously and will likely result in a permanent ban.
  3. Don't post any real life pornography of any kind.
  4. Don't provide or request illegal sources for copyrighted material, use legal sources instead.
  5. Don't spam the Recent Topics box.
  6. Don't post content you know might offensive to someone or a group of people.
  7. Don't post staff PMs in public, if you have any issue with how the staff carried something out, talk it out in private with a moderator instead.
  8. Don't bring personal issues in public, if you and other user(s) don't get along, please don't bring your strife to the forum.

Global Moderators and Board Moderators are responsible for carrying out the rules and it is up to them to interpret them and carry out an appropriate punishment for each situation.

Lolicon/Shotacon Policy

Pedophilia is an extremely complicated and sensitive real-life issue, and presents a significant challenge to visual novel communities who want to promote thoughtful discussion but are faced with strict laws on one hand and deplorable internet rhetoric/insensitivity on the other. Many of you are aware of how far back and how divisive this issue has been. To protect the site from legal action and to resolve this issue once and for all, we have chosen to amend the site rules as follows. We're trying to strike a delicate balance here -- acknowledging this is part of the VN medium, and sensitive discussions of these topics are important. 

The new policy: Fuwanovel is not the place to discuss the nuances of pedophilia – in real life or in entertainment. Because they are a part of the traditional VN heritage of Japanese games, we acknowledge that mature, focused discussions of “loli” characters and routes within a visual novel are valid, and we will allow them within the Visual Novel discussion boards, but beyond those confines, Fuwanovel is just not the place for this topic. We have also clarified our rules for posted or linked images of "lolis" on the boards, which can be read below:

Brass Tacks:

  • If you want to discuss a “loli” character or route in a visual novel, you can do so in the VN boards with the caveat that crude, inflammatory, provocative or aggressive posts will be grounds for a topic’s deletion, without warning
  • Outside the realm of Visual Novels, Fuwanovel is simply not the place to discuss this complicated issue, and we ask you to avoid casual references to-, or discussions about-, pedophilia and the sexuality/sensuality of underage people or characters. This includes avoiding discussion or mention of porn- or sex-simulation games featuring underage or underage-appearing characters to the forums. 
  • Rules for images, avatars, and signatures: Do not post sexual pictures of underage characters. If an image is focused on, accentuates, or exaggerates a character's nipples, vulva, or penis or positions them sensually (body position, wet panties, nearly naked, etc.), you should not post it and it will be taken down.

Attitudes of the staff vary significantly on this issue, but this policy is presented – purposefully – without moral commentary. This is a tricky issue which presents real risks for the stability of the site, and ensuring the community’s longevity simply has to come first. 

Thread rules

These rules are meant to keep threads as clean and free of trouble as possible.

  1. Please try to keep responses on-topic and meaningful.
  2. Don't derail threads.
  3. Don't spam threads.
  4. Don't double post repeatedly.
  5. Don't post for the sake of posting.
  6. Don't necrobump threads without the intent of continuing the discussion.
  7. Don't post seizure inducing GIFs without a spoiler and a warning labeling it as such.

Any posts that are seen to fit in these categories or seen to be harmful to the thread risk being moved or deleted, or at worse getting the entire thread locked.

Additionally some boards have their own specific rules, please see related topics inside each one of Fuwanovel's boards (they are usually pinned at the top).

Blog Rules

Blogs are meant to be personal and we try to respect everyone's rights to write about the things they like, however if a blog post is seen to break any content rules, staff holds the right to delete the entry as they see fit.

Signature and Avatar Guidelines

  1. No explicit nudity (genitalia and female nipples are in this category)
  2. No avatars or signatures featuring sexualized loli/shota characters
  3. No pornography (this includes implied sexual acts and bodily fluids)
  4. No gore (disembowelment, dismemberment, torture, etc.)
  5. No offensive content (profanity, hate speech, offensive symbolism, etc.)
  6. No seizure inducing GIFs (or GIFs that make people's eyes bleed in general)
  7. No signatures exceeding 400 Kbs in filesize

Reporting Content

Whenever you come across content on the forums which breaks one of these rules, please report it using the report button underneath said post and explain why it's breaking the rules. 

Any member, no matter how new, has the right to report posts.

You will not be punished for reporting any post, even if your report is deemed unjustified*

*While reporting a post is fine, spamming reports in order to troll/abuse the report system is not and can lead to you to getting a warning.

In case of doubt:

If you have any doubts about how to proceed in any situation or if said situation is not listed here, please contact one of the online Global Moderators via Personal Message with your inquiry. Global Moderators have a blue usercolor at the bottom of the forum for easier identification. 

In case none of them are online during that time, the list of Global Moderators as well as the rest of the Fuwanovel Staff can be found here so you can message one of them.

Rule Enforcement

We trust Fuwanovel users to keep their composure when the situation calls for it. In any case of a serious infraction a Global Moderator is responsible for carrying out an appropriate punishment that can handle the situation effectively for both sides.

Smaller punishments like revoking the ability to post content for a period of time can be given out if the situation calls for it (namely for spamming and trolling), without granting a warning point if a Global Moderator sees fit to do so.

Warning Points are only given out to reoccurring or serious offenders that do not heed either rules or previous warnings. A Global Moderator is in charge of deciding whether or not a user deserves a warning point.

Global Moderators are free to give harsher punishments like suspensions if they clearly notice the violation is severe or has ill intent behind it.

There is a 3 Warning Point cap and when a user receives a 3rd warning point, they acknowledge they are putting their account in jeopardy and risk being banned permanently.

Do not evade bans, if you create a second account to evade your ban, you risk getting it lengthened.

If you feel you were not justly banned, you can PM a Global Moderator with your reasoning and that Global Moderator will bring it up for discussion with the rest of the staff to see if it is valid or not.

In case a warning point was given out and a ban is proven to be unjustified, your warning point will automatically be revoked. 

In case your ability to post content was revoked and it is proven to be unjustified, it will be rectified.

Username Changes

To prevent user-confusion, the ability to change your username at whim has been removed from the user control panel. To change your username, please PM one of the global mods with your desired new user display name and your reason for making the change. Username changes require a strong reason and motivation to be changed, and will otherwise be denied to prevent confusion on the forums.

User Title Changes

User titles (the titles you see below your avatar) can be changed at any time by making a contribution to the community.  Here are a few examples of ways to help out.  When you've completed your good deed, please report to a Global Moderator, who can make the change for you.  

  • Assisting in coding projects and/or working on the front site;
  • Helping with forums projects;
  • Writing a walkthrough for a game;
  • Writing an article for the Visual Novel Aer blog;
  • Posting 500+ posts on the forums (posts in the "Coliseum of Chatter" do not add to this count);
  • Or something else you can think of!

Note: Users with 500+ posts have, in simply posting so regularly, helped to build the site.  Thank you for your contributions!  We hope you'll keep it up.  These users can change their user title at any time from the user CP.


These definitions serve as guidelines to define certain types of content. In case of doubt on whether or not something fits within one of these categories, a Global Moderator can make the judgement call.


Content without any purpose, coherency or relevance whatsoever.

Singular spam posts are deleted without warning. If a user makes many spam posts in one thread or singular spam posts across many threads, then they are subject to a punishment.

Threads or blog posts made for self-promotion (such as links to off-site personal blogs) should be limited to one (either a blog post or a thread) per product being promoted, because such promotion is more easily perceived as spam.


Going completely off topic in a thread, this can result in the thread being locked or moved to a more appropriate section depending on whether or not it's salvageable.

Harassment & Abuse

This involves aggressive pressure or intimidation and can based off of things like racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, etc.

This will never be tolerated anywhere on the forum, even in private messages, and severe punishment will be applied to any cases of it.

Posting for the sake of posting

Posting several times in a thread without trying to move the discussion forward and only to increase post count and/or to troll/spam.

Necrobumping threads without the intent of moving the discussion forward also falls into this category.


Content that is too sexually explicit or excessively violent that could offend certain age groups.

For something to be sexually explicit it must show either genitals, female nipples or sexual acts.


Starting arguments or upsetting users by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages with the intent of provoking users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.


An insult is a derogatory remark that labels an individual or group of users. Name-calling is not productive and typically derails the topic by turning the discussion to the credibility of the user(s). It never convinces the other party and often provokes a similar reaction from other posters. The resulting commotion is ineffective for the offender, offensive for the target, distracting for spectators and tiring for the staff.

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Updated rules for self-promotion
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PSA: The Forum Rules have been updated in regards to self-promotion and how that is perceived in terms of spam.

  • Threads or blog posts made for self-promotion (such as links to off-site personal blogs) should be limited to one (either a blog post or a thread) per product being promoted, because such promotion is more easily perceived as spam.

That is to say, if you are attempting to share an article you made by making both a thread and a blog post, you are effectively spamming the forums with redundant content (that may even be unlikely to promote discussion if it redirects users off-site).


The second change pertains to the Development Boards and you can find it in either of the two specific threads for them.

  • If you are promoting multiple short (<2 hours) projects in the same series (such as episodic or chapter-based projects), they should all be covered in a single thread, so as to not dilute and fragment visibility, views, and discussion.

As explained, the main purpose is for advertising of multiple short to be centred in one place without spamming the forums with multiple short threads for similar/repeated subjects. Additionally, this should concentrate all discussion on any of the titles in a single place, instead of dividing it and fragmenting it (since there isn't much of it to begin with).


That is all. This post will be hidden at some point in the future, but will remain for at least a week. Thank you for your attention.

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