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What Light Novel are you reading right now?


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I've read a volume of Tearmoon Empire. It is absolutely phenomenal, for various reasons.



1) The Narrator

In this novel, the narrator is an omniscient entity in and of itself and they share their opinion, frequently. Said opinion almost always consists of disparaging everything and everyone, especially when it concerns the main character. This, of course, is hilarious.

The narrator's job here is devaluing everything the protagonist does, and always reinforce that her motives are selfish, regardless of whether the things she is doing are good or bad. Protagonist learns from her past mistakes? "Boohoo, big deal." Protagonist is trying to be friendly? "Only because she's a coward." Protagonist is trying to learn? "She's dumb, so of course it amounted for nothing." Somebody appreciates that the protagonist has an open mind? "They're super deluded. She's only being nice because she's afraid of not being nice!".

The final thing the narrator does that's very funny is that, despite the use of generally formal language, occasionally when describing things they end with "In other words, *something casual and even crude*". The contrast and use of modern expressions ends up being way funnier in context as a result.


2) Mia, the protagonist

Mia lived through her life selfishly as a royal brat, princess of the country, the country revolted, and she ended up dead. For some reason, she returned back to when she was twelve at that moment, and this changes things. For one, due to her standards of living as a prisoner for tree years before her execution, she has a new-found appreciation for what she has as a princess (still enjoying all of it, of course). Secondly, material value is worth way less now that she knows she might lose everything. Thirdly, she's deathly afraid of upsetting those who hurt her in the past, leading to a cowardly and petty contempt but nevertheless attempts to maintain amicable relationships. Fourthly, her previously dire circumstances allowed her to see who remained loyal to her or the empire despite its collapse, and reward them as she never got the chance to in the past. In the new reality, she rewarded the one maid who stayed with her till the end, asking nothing in return. There is nobody she appreciates more, and having the maid by her side gives her strength in many situations.

Her previous life had three parts, that shaped her to be who she now is. Her life in a prosperous empire where she could do whatever she wanted, which enabled all her bad behaviour and was ultimately the main cause behind her untimely fate. Her life in a collapsing empire, where Ludwig nevertheless tried his best to avert the crisis and teach Mia what should be done, which is when she started learning about how her behaviour and circumstances are problematic, and she attempted (and failed) to help. The final three years of her life were spent in a dungeon, with only an occasional visit from her two loyal retainers. It was here that she learnt about the worst life has to offer and developed a lot of tolerance for her new life. Also, fear. Also, love for her loyal maid.


3) Misunderstandings

This may have been something I'd neglect to even mention had I not seen @Dreamysyu talk about it. It is true, when I think about it, that this is a story of misunderstandings. But I don't think they are as prevalent as all that. Mia presents foresight she should not have, due to her memories, which leads to a reputation as a wise sage. Because Mia is not dumb, she tries to use these things to her advantage when she can, so most misunderstandings are on purpose, even if she requires some aid from her maid or reputation to pull them off. Despite the narrator always claiming the characters are wildly misunderstanding, the truth is that though her motivations are generally oriented toward self-preservation, her end goal is the same as what the people misunderstanding think it is.

She's working for a better Empire, trying to make decisions that are better for everyone, trying not to hurt other people, helping those in need near her, and being nice to those who are nice to her. When people misunderstand her as having these objectives, they're not wrong, and she's actively trying to use her knowledge and reputation to make them think that, whilst working to achieve that, even if the general motivating factor is that things went bad last time because she was a pretty bad person.

I think all interactions with Abel are some of the best ones because they're some of the few where she's actively acting good because of Abel rather than self-perservation, past their initial interaction. Even if she sometimes gets distracted with other things, she wants things to go well for Abel.



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9 hours ago, Mr Poltroon said:

I've read a volume of Tearmoon Empire. It is absolutely phenomenal, for various reasons.

I just wanted to say that I won't read this spoiler for now since I haven't finished the first volume. While I wasn't really hooked with the beginning of the first volume and ended up dropping it, recently I've heard from many various sources that this novel is actually really good, so I decided to give it another try. I haven't got to reading it yet, but I'll get to it eventually. :)


So, I guess it's a good opportunity to write about what I read recently? I don't really remember what exactly I've read since my last post in this thread, but I'll try not to miss anything important.


Ascendance of a Bookworm, part 2 vols. 3-4; part 3 vol. 1. And how exactly does this LN manage to get better and better? I guess, the ending to part 2 marks the first time when a light novel made me tear up. I don't want to spoil anything, but yeah, it's great. Why not all isekais are this well-written?


The Extraordinary, the Ordinary, and SOAP! vols. 2 and 3 (incomplete). Honestly, I have no idea what happened to this 'feel good' novel, but volume 3, currently partially available for J-Novel Club members, has started to become really annoying to read. At some point I just got tired of the constant cliffhangers and damsel in distress situations. I don't know, I doubt it'll redeem itself in my eyes, since there's only half of a volume left in this whole series, but I hope it just ends.


The Sorcerer's Receptionist (previously known as I Want to be a Receptionist in the Magical World). Only half of the first volume is available right now, but I'm personally really excited for it! About a year ago I found a fan-translation for the first two chapters, and for some reason I just instantly fell in love with this story. The translation was on hiatus, so I decided to follow the manga instead, but, honestly, comparing it to the LN right now, I'd say the LN is better. For some reason, I can't even explain why exactly I like this novel. While the MC is adorable, I wouldn't really call her or any of the other characters particularly well-written. I don't really feel this way as I'm mostly neutral towards him, but a lot of the readers seem to dislike the male lead. Still, the worldbuilidng is pretty good so far, and there's something about the general atmosphere in this novel that makes it so enjoyable to read. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, but I'm definitely going to continue reading it.


There Was No Secret Evil-Fighting Organization (srsly?!), So I Made One MYSELF! And that's another time when I'm pretty confused about the tastes of the Japanese readers. Apparently, this novel didn't sell well in Japan, so the publication was discontinued after volume 2. So, the only way to read the ending of the story is to read the WN (and I'm not even sure if it's translated). The reason why I'm so confused about it is that this novel is absolutely hilarious! It this because it's not an isekai or anything like that? It's a shame.


The Weakest Manga Villainess Wants Her Freedom! Or, as I call it myself, Loli Tsundere vs Magical Communism! :chaika: This novel doesn't have an official release in Japan, and it was localized directly from the author. I'd say, it's quite an ideal novel to read if you want something somewhat plot-focused, but lighthearted and mood lifting. All the characters are quite interesting, and the MC is both adorable and enjoyable to follow. The world where it takes place also has some pretty unique ideas that I haven't really seen done in another novel yet. The only thing I didn't like is that this novel is only one volume long. :cry: Really, it's such a shame that it ended so quickly, and I just want more!


I Refuse to Be Your Enemy! vol. 2. Still good, I don't have anything to add to what I've already said in my previous posts.


Now, some WN fan-translations.


I’ll Become a Villainess That Will Go Down in History. So far there's not much of the story translated yet, but, according to some reviews, this novel is quite a troll. The first few chapters make it seem like a lighthearted and cute misunderstanding comedy about a slightly OP little girl who wants to become a splendid villainess who is perfect in everything. I'd say, it's quite and enjoyable premise, and I would continue reading it even if it was just that. There are slight hints here and there that there might be a darker undertone to this story, and, according to the reviews, there's a massive genre shift later on that makes the story a lot darker and more angsty. Ironically, I'm a bit worried about how it's going to go, since a badly handled genre shift might easily break the story, but so far I'm quite interested about where it'll go.


The Villain Daughter Enjoys Her Seventh Life as a Free-Spirited Bride (Hostage) in a Former Enemy Country. Another novel that doesn't have many chapters available, and yet seems to be going in a pretty interesting direction. This is a story about a noble girl who's stuck in a time loop. Every time she died she was reborn on the day when her engagement with a prince was annulled, and she was disinherited and had to flee the country. Still, she wasn't discouraged, and in every new life she managed to find a place for herself in the world. She became a merchant in her first life, a pharmacist in the second, a maid in a noble house in the third, and in her sixth life she crossdressed as a man and became a knight. Still, there's one thing that doesn't change in her every life: she always dies in five years after the start of each loop, in a war for the world domination started by a certain empire. In her seventh life she catches the attention of the crown prince of the said empire, who was and indirect reason for her death in her first five lives, and killed her in battle in the sixth life, and he proposed to her. As you may expect, she agreed.

The reason why this novel caught my attention despite somewhat cliche premise is mostly due to the MC. There's always a fine line between making a character strong and making them OP that for some reason most WN authors don't get, but this novel seems to do it right. The MC is very smart and knowledgeable about a lot of things, and yet she's not omnipotent. This type of smart MCs who have to work to achieve their goals are often enjoyable to watch. The overarching mystery about the war and what caused it also seems to be quite promising, and I'm definitely going to follow this novel for now. I have pretty high expectation for this novel right now, and I hope it doesn't disappoint.


Free Life Fantasy Online. Never expected to find a VRMMO novel that doesn't turn into an isekai or "stuck in a video game" plot, and yet has a pretty competent and interesting overarching plot. Also, the MC is quite... unique, I'd say. I'm going to follow it for now, we'll see how it goes.


The Reincarnated Great Saintess Hides the Fact That She Is a Saintess! Looks like a decent Average Abilites clone. The translations for both the manga and the WN are pretty bad, but I'll still follow it for now.


Her Royal Highness Seems to be Angry. Another story with an OP female MC. Seems pretty enjoyable so far, though I wouldn't call it particularly good.


The Girl Raised by the Death God Holds the Sword of Darkness in Her Arms. A war story with an OP female MC. Not my cup of tea.

Also, only manga is translated, but someone needs to translate This Time I Will Definitely Be Happy! The same with Maydare Tensei Monogatari.


PS. @Mr Poltroon, I haven't started Crest of the Stars yet, but I didn't forget about your recommendation. Just wasn't in the mood for sci-fi for now. I'll post about my reactions when I'll get to it.

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9 hours ago, Dreamysyu said:

PS. @Mr Poltroon, I haven't started Crest of the Stars yet, but I didn't forget about your recommendation. Just wasn't in the mood for sci-fi for now. I'll post about my reactions when I'll get to it.

Despite my recommendation I'm in the exact same situation. I've never actually read the books, only (repeatedly) watched the anime. Now I'm waiting for the right mood to read them.

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Why Tearmoon Empire is marvellous, all other details aside.

The narrator narrates like this: "...Those of you who happened to bring a knife may proceed with the cutting, because the irony is so thick that you can all have a piece for yourselves."

I can't remember the last time I read something that narrated stuff like this. I love it!

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On 19/1/2015 at 5:54 PM, Jibril said:

why isnt the board a anime/manga/ln talk yet. 

Considering we have the "what manga/anime" thread and yet we don't have this one... might as well.... right?

I'll start

  • Mushoku Tensei
  • Black Bullet
  • Mahouka
  • Sword Art Online
  • Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
  • Psycho Love Comedy
  • Log Horizon
  • No Game No Life
  • Toaru Majutsu no Index
  • Accel World

I'm re-reading some of them, like Zero no Maria, just because I can't wait for the next volume...

I'm reading No game no life,torture princess,strike the blood and when it arrives the youjo senki light novel.

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