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Question about some anime

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Kimi ni Todoke or Boku ga ita ?


if choose one of them .... i guess i choose Kimi ni Todoke .... (since i didn't watch Boku ga ita yet)

Kimi ni Todoke ,..... interesting starting plot (i like) , during watching some episode S1 and S2  be prepared (ps: some episode i get angry)

and very good female friendship also (ps: cry ..... am i? i think i cry ... i forget why since i watch it long ago) 


Kimi ni Todoke worth to watch S1 and S2 .... S2 ending also good too .

"Kimi ni Todoke" aka "Reaching You" .....

(Ps: one of episode Sket Dance also parody it about "Not Reaching You" )

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Boku ga Ita eh? I have watched the first half of it and it is actually pretty good. I have not watched it since, but general consensus seems to say that it is a pretty good one. Really need to finish that one now that I think about it. o-o


Haven't watched Kimi ni Todoke (yet) but it is on my list.

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