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Hoshizora no Memoria (HELP!)

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I can't the Japanese, but this sounds like the infamous broken skip function which occurs in all the girl's routes.


I'm quoting a person from another forum here:


"Okay, so there is a workaround to the skip function that is broken. I haven't tested this 100%, but other people have had this work for them and I tried it with one route and it worked. Skipping the common route should work just fine, so you can use skip there all you want and it should work. The problem is text is skipped on the the specific routes. What you have to do is turn off the skip function the moment you go from the common route to a specific route.

Spoiler below if you haven't completed the common route at least once


Shortly after the combat at the lookout, both Komomo and Kosame shows up in the multimedia room. Komomo signs up for Tenkuru here. The common route stops once they leave the room. Stop skip while they are in it and skip manually with enter to hit just the right spot for reading again.

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Uhh, the skip function being broken issue is, afaik, only that all the text after common is counted as already read.


As for the actual error, looks like it's talking about loading/displaying data or something. Likely to be a file corruption or read-only file issue.

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