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Deep Blue

Narcissu spanish translation. (Traducción al español)

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NOTE: the translation is 100% finished.


Well after pondering about this for a while I decided to start the translation of this vn, this was a week ago more or less :P.

I know there is a translation already out there but I don't like it to be honest (I'm not saying that mine is better or anything) and the translation is not supported with the steam version either, is from an old version of the game or something and it's based on the Agilis translation (I think), mine is based on the gp32 ver.

Even if the gp32 is not the closest to the "real" deal i like it more, specially for a few phrases that stand out, for example:



even if it was just one picture,

it was proof that we lived.


Even with just one picture, It was the proof of ourselves that we left behind


The gp32 for me has more meaning in those words, but then again this is something personal.


I'm 50-60%, I thought it was going to be a lot easier to do given the vn length and all but I was very wrong, all the text editing, spellcheck (stupid spanish and its freaking orthographic accents...) and the translation itself has proven to be a pain in the butt, but so far it's going pretty smooth, a few days more maybe a week and it will be done.


Few keys of my translation:


*I'm trying to keep it the most neutral spanish possible (this is almost impossible to do but i'm trying)

*As close to its original translation as possible (a mix with the gp32 and the Japanese version)

*Putting notes from time to time to explain a few things.

*Not giving much thoughts about some specific spanish words that to be honest i don't give a s**t in the first place(as spanish speaker).

*Steam ver supports.



Maybe in the future I'll edit the pictures itself and the menus, but that it's going to be a pain just to upload the huge .nsa file...










1)Descargar y descomprimir el archivo.

2)Ir a la carpeta donde tienen instalados los juegos de steam Ej: xxxx\xxxx\Steam\SteamApps\common\narcissu2
3)Poner el archivo 1.utf y y arc2.nsa que descargaron aquí en esa carpeta.
4)Abrir la novel y utilizar la versión Sirius (con voces, al menos yo recomiendo usarlas)

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I approve because of my love for Narcissu! But I don't know any Spanish (well, maybe like 4 words lol). Also regarding the Agilis translation, here are my thoughts of it (copy and past from a discussion I was having with somebody else regarding his translation compared to Haeleth's): Also, contains spoilers!


Regarding your comment about Haeleth's translation. I agree, from what I have read of that translation the prose is more natural in English, but this does not make Agilis's worse. In his notes, the author of Narcissu claims to be more of a poet, thus Narcissu is written in a somewhat poetic fashion. Agilis's translation as consequence comes across as more poetic. The poetic feel is different from reading solid prose, and there are times that one works over the other. For instance, in the Epilogue I prefer this quote, "To me, it was 15 days time / To her, it was the end of a 22 year journey. Not the 7th floor, nor home. Of her own will, she avoided them"(Agilis).

To this translation

"I had only been a part of it for 15 days, but she had been traveling this road all her life. She had crossed the finishing line by her own will, neither at home nor on the seventh floor"(Haeleth).

Because it's poetically more stylized, Agilis's version feels more distant to me, which reinstates the distance between Setsumi and the protag. While Haeleth's version doesn't make me feel as distant. Poetry is better at evoking feeling, whereas prose is better at being eloquent. These are just my personal feelings regarding the translations. The next time I reread Narcissu, I intend to use Haeleth's version to get a different experience. 

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I understand perfectly what you mean and I think you are right, the thing is trying to translate something in that kind of way is almost impossible (for me at least), because I'm translating something that has already been translated, so the meaning of the phrase is going to get lost in the middle, plus I'm not that good :P so I tried to stick with the "safe/easy" way while still trying to be the most faithful possible to the original one,

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The translation was updated with the help of a user of steam (Schwarzstorch) now there is no need to replace any files and some pictures and menus were translated too, several fixes to the scrip were made.

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