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HII ~~

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Greetings everyone !!!! (LOL)

   I am relatively new to this community, so please bear with me  >_<

   I just started playing VN like at last year.......

   The VNs that I have played :



                       Majikoi S,

                         Fate Stay Night 


   And yeah, VNs are awesome, but sometimes the most frustrating thing is the installation, I have faced tons of difficulties installing Majikoi (maybe, I am new ???) It's just SO complicated !!!

   And the next VN I wanted to play most is Little Busters Ecstasy, (I think it's nearly been translated, about 98% ???), but I can't find the ENG patch anywhere :(        I guess its not out yet ??? 

   Anyway, do you guys have any VN recommendations ???


   And yeah, My Favourite Anime are :

Clannad After Story 

Fate Zero 

Shinsekai Yori 

Sakurasou No Pet Kanojo ;)


                                          Thanks For Having Me Here !!!!!!




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Welcome to Fuwanovel Forum :) .

I don't know what to recommend since i don't know what genre you like,but

how about Rewrite  ? since you mention your  favourite anime Clannad After Story .(both from "Key")

Rewrite don't have anime yet , so Rewrite worth to read

I would have said that but then he said it first but I like Key. So I will tell you to try Little Busters yet another Key VN.

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