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Recruiting for the Lucid9 project!

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EDIT : We don't need a writer anymore currently!


Hello people of Fuwanovel! We are currently recruiting for the Lucid9 project, the roles needed being writer and Background artist.

You can visit the thread about our project here : https://forums.fuwanovel.net/index.php?/topic/4543-demo-available-lucid9-project-a-mystery-vn/



1°) We have one route writer position to fill in. The requirements are : 

- Native English speaker with a good level

- Experienced in writing (whether it is fanfiction, VN, LN, novels...) 

- Willing to work with an already planned route to some extent

- Available with a decent or good amount of free time 

- Available and reactive on Skype.


2°) We might also use a hand for Background Art, we are using now a method called "paint-over" (basically, it's painting over a real picture to make it look like an anime style background). Requirements are :

- Good photoshop skills

- A lot of patience

- Adaptability

- (optional but might help a lot) Drawing experience.


If ever you're interested in one of those two roles, feel free to pm me! :)

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