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So you want to create a Visual Novel...


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"Sigh" I really wish to make VN using Ren'py but I don't understand script or any thing, I feel so stupid since I have many idea for VN, like this one.

Title: unknown (for now) 

Length:) short maybe

Genre: Time loop, romance, action, drama and love triangle.

Bio: Prognanist in story are 16 years old Akira Kurosawa so suddenly died on Marsh 1th killed by his childhood friend Rui Sota and he woke up on 29th February just tree days before he died on Marsh 1th. When he woke up, he find 2 girls before his bed, one angel with name Angi and shinigami with name Sora, so tell him he it's going to die on Marsh 1th but it exist a way to prevent his dead and only way to that it's at he must fall in love with few girls and get one of them to be his girlfriend before 3 days time.

But how kan Akira do that and who will he choice, he have choice between bookworm Ai, imouto Aimi, adopted sister Aina, cousin Chie and childhood friend Rui. 

Who will he choice in the end and will he prevent his dead or will he die one again on Marsh 1th.


Sorry for my bad English, I live in Norway and I'm not really good in English.


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I made a joke VN last November and I think I'm going to make a continuation this November.


The first few scenes of this aren't very funny, but it gets good when you visit the Chinese restaurant.

The continuation is going to be a "who did it?" story where you figure out the mystery of "who did it?".

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wooow amazing! Thank you so much for all advices and for this complete guide.

But you didnt mention any marketing tips. I just came across this article here :


where they talk about marketing and ads for a game and in particular for a novel game..

Do you think is a good point to ads a visual novel game?


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