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So you want to create a Visual Novel...

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I wanted to mention that Steams new publishing platform dubbed "Steam Direct" is pretty neat. Basically it lets the customers decide what content they want to see on the store and lets anyone publish a game. The self-publishing fee is $100. So now more than ever is a good time to realize your dream and make a game. And you get the 100 bucks back if your game sales exceed that amount.

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Before making a huge plan ahead before starting a Visual Novel project, most of the great writers start from a trial on ideas.  We need some easy tools and handy license-free materials to startup a long novel.  I would like to introduce a tool that I have been using for a long time to create my visual novel: oice.com.  It is a web based tool with easy interface.  The finished stories will be published on an app, just like uploading a video to Youtube.  The most important thing is that the artworks and music are free to be used *within the tool* - oice.com believes in the terminology of Creativity Sharing to make the world better.

Below is one of an story that I wrote recently by this tool: The Awesome Trolls

URL: https://oice.com/story/dfe87d7ddeae4cb0aff63dd1e5cef775

Let's try it out.


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