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The purpose of this board

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tldr version: if you want to help out Fuwanovel but don't want to spend a lot of time reading the community board, the threads in this board will be the specific to-do items of various Fuwa projects. You can scan this board and help out right away.





Full version: A lot of people like Fuwanovel and want to help out. However, many of those people don't feel like wading through my and others' walls of text in the Community Projects board to get to the pressing to-do items. They're probably the smart ones.


This board will host active to-do tasks (and nothing but tasks). Each post should be as concise as possible and be extremely clear as to what you need help doing. Any Fuwanovel project can utilize this board, and any member's project which benefits Fuwanovel or is approved in the community board can post tasks here.


As soon as a task is complete, it should be moved the the community board's archive. This board should remain as clean as possible.




PS: This board is part of the soon-to-be-released new system of running Fuwanovel. Yes, I realize it's a new board, and I'm sure that'll bug lots of people. We're going to try it for now. Gracias!


*The term "action items" essentially means "tasks"

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