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Well here's another cute sprite maker that was sent to me


Maybe some of you will find it useful for your VNs, or just to have fun.

Regardless here it is :)


Link (if you want it to adjust to your screen, the one below is 400x700)


Options Translated (they're easy to figure out but just in case)

髪型 - Hair

前髪 - Bangs
後髪 - Back
アップ - Top
髪色 - Color

顔 - Face

眉 - Eyebrows

まつげ - Eyelashes
瞳 - Eyes
瞳色 - Eye color
口 - Mouth
肌色 - Skin color
顔色 - Face color (blush and stuff)
瞳の光 - Eye lights
トップス - Tops
インナー - Inner
インナー柄 - Inner pattern
アウター - Outter
アウター色 - Outter color
ネクタイ - Necktie (they're just pendants but w/e)
ボトムズ - Bottoms

ボトムズ - Bottoms

ボトムズ柄 - Bottom pattern

ソックス - Socks
手袋 - Gloves
ソックス柄 - Socks pattern (affects the gloves too)
靴 - Shoes
靴色 - Shoe color
オプション - Options
背景 - Background
頭アクセ - Head accessories
頭アクセ色 - Head accessory color
傷 - タトゥー - Bruises/tattoos (bandaids too)
翼 - Wings
マフラー - Scarf
(The stuff on the right)
タード描写 しない - Show full nudity (する - Yes / しない - No) (Enable this if you want to be able to make the sprite naked)
ダメージ描写 - Show violence (する - Yes / しない - No) (Enable this if you want to be able to give the character bruises/cuts/etc)
説明書 - Instructions
全解除 - Remove everything (Will make the sprite fully naked if "show nudity" is enabled or in underwear if disabled)



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Here's mine^^  I love green... she looks so cute~!! -resists urge to hug-  :wub:   gave her bandages, cause her clumsiness seems to make her appear more endearing somehow.


Thanks for the app NB, it was fun to make. 



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