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What Anime are you watching now?


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Finished Ascendance of a Bookworm, season 3. Overall, it's still the same anime. I can't talk from the anime-only perspective, since I've read the source material, but I think the anime is pretty decent. It's probably the best they could do with the source material using its limited budget. This season in particular feels a bit short, but it covers only two volumes of the light novel, and there are not that many things happening there, though the events that do happen are pretty great.

Still, I'd heavily recommend reading the LN over watching the anime. There are two main reasons for that. First of all, the anime skips some stuff. It's not anything major, and it's understandable why they do it since the slow pacing of a book wouldn't work here. Still, one of the things I love about this story is its attention to detail, which makes the fantasy world where it takes place feel so real. The anime manages to capture this aspect well enough, but the LN is still much better in this regard. Secondly, there's simply no way the anime is ever going to give us the complete story. The LN it is based on is truly massive with more than 30 volumes, and these three seasons of anime covered only the first 7. Honestly, I'm not expecting another season of anime at all, which is a shame, since some people consider these parts to be an extended prologue, and the latest season ended on a rather depressing note.

Talking about this story in general, it's pretty amazing. The world-building is insane, and the characters are pretty good as well. The MC actually has to adapt to the fantasy world, since her values clash with the values of its inhabitants so much. And not in the edgy Shield Hero type of way. She actually stays true to herself, though becomes slightly more flexible. Overall, it's my favorite isekai and is the perfect example that, if done right, this genre has a lot more potential than the popular opinion suggests. I recall, in the past, when I just started the book, I said that this is a story that avoids the usual isekai cliches, but going further in the story it becomes pretty obvious that I was actually wrong. As it turns out even by the end of the part that the anime covered, it actually has a lot of common tropes, but they are included in a rather creative way that makes them not feel out of place here.

Overall, if we are talking about the LN, i'd give it a strong 9/10, or maybe even higher, depending on how it ends. As for the anime, I'm pretty torn about what rating to give it. I guess I'll settle on 8/10.

PS. Also, this.




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Watch Otome Domain H OVA, and it's pretty clear that we should enjoy the multiple sex scenes that Minato has with Kazari, even though it's not really fully adapted Kazari's route beside the sex scenes. Well I guess it's nice that Otome Domain manage to get an anime despite that it's only one episode H OVA.

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Last year I finished watching Stone Ocean. Great animation as expect from David Production.


This Dio seemed different from part 3 or 1. I like the comic relief from Anasui. What a shame, made in heaven doesn't exist so I know what I will consume in the future.

This year I completed Muv-Luv Alternative Season 2.


Marimo scene made me thought of Mami from Madoka.

Currently, I'm watching Lycoris Recoil. I didn't expect Hideo Kojima to notice this anime. Shame he is not aware of Girls' Frontline.
I'm waiting for the full episodes of Bofuri Season 2.

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I'm a sucker for classical literature, so, any adaption into Anime gets me excited. I started watching Re Zero and soon realized that the screenplay is disjointed and dreamlike in the pattern similar to Shakespeare's A Midnight's Summer Dream. The more obvious connection is the character Puck in the anime which is a clear inspiration from Shakespeare's play with the same name. 

Apart from that I have been watching Durarara. A series on magical realism - a term I was attracted to after reading Murakami's works. Murakami's works revolve on extraordinary things happening to ordinary people. The WInd-up bird Chronicle and The Wild Sheep Chase are exemplary examples of it and Durarara is nothing short of what I have read from the great novelist's works.

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