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What Anime are you watching now?

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Hey guys, does Naruto get significantly worse after the Chunin Exams end?

I just watched what felt like the climax of the show, where Naruto transforms into the nine-tailed fox to defeat a legendary sand spirit and the hokage sacrifices himself to defeat the central antagonist up to this point, and suddenly the next episode is like "Sasuke's brother and his angry fish friend beat up some jounin," so I'm wondering if it's worth it to continue watching.

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Finally got around to watching Konosuba, and I'm loving it. Have one episode left of season 1 now. Episode 9 is my favorite so far, lol. I need more of this! Two seasons with 10 episodes i

Shirobako is one of the most awesome products to come out of the anime industry in the last 5 years. I highly, HIGHLY recommend :3

Haha, double post. lolZenophilious ---- My sister has been insisting that I watch Sword Art Online. As a direct consequence I've decided to watch Log Horizon. Now tell me I'm a wonderful h

I have just finished watching Kenka Banchou Otome: Girl Beats Boys and I love anime despite being short but it have great story with friendship between guys and I love fighting scene very much.

I hope it get second season since ending was so sudden and I want to see Hikari beat third students and how he return to normal life as girl.

I recommend to give anime a try.

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just sat through the two parts of MEGAZONE 23 once more.

though a pervasive sense of deep Banality permeates the rather unlikable characters, (-YMMV-)
the soundtrack, as well as the 80's-futuristic visual style, is nothing short of phenomenal.

if the basis if it all wasn't so damn-blasted Boneheaded to the core, i would surely have one of my very top Anime greats here.

as it stands, it manages to to be -superficially, at least- an Audio/Visual tour-de-force, and that puts it up there pretty far for me in any case...

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