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Charming Monsters


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Noel has never had an easy or normal childhood. Since he was small, he's had two monsters coming out of his closet to scare him... or, it was so at first.

Turns out, monsters can be lonely too, and all the cheerful Sidney and the ever-serious Simon wanted was some company.

After years of an unusual but happy friendship though, Sidney started to see Noel in a different light, and that complicates things. The redhead monster can't take no for an answer. Sidney is insistent, Noel is unwilling, and Simon is, for some reason, set on not letting it happen.

Add to this romantic comedic plot the tragedy that befalls them when Sam, Noel's little sister, disappears in mysterious circumstances, and you've got the plot of Charming Monster.


Started first as a webcomic, after I, thooruchan, got started on working with videogames, I decided that it was the kidn of story that would work perfectly as a Visual Novel.

Right now I work with my sister on a demo. We have the plot written, characters designed, the GUI is implemented and functioning, and progress is going smoothly.

Our plan is to release a demo in the second week of January, free to play, to gain awareness. Once it has gained enough of a fanbase, a small crowdfunding campaign would start to gain enough funding for development of the rest of the game.




Hey there guys!

There is not a lot to explain this week, though hopefully now that the holidays are finally over here in Spain we'll be able to get back to work.

Sidney's srpites are half done, so I guess overall, 15% of the sprites are done.

Backgrounds are also progressing, slow but steady.

We are being forced to work a bit more slowly than we had planned due to other jobs coming our way (the kind that pays bills and cannot be rejected :P) but we are still doing our best to have the CharMon demo out as soon as possible :)





Happy New Year!

Hope you are all starting 2015 with a lot of energy!

Here at DrawOrDrop sure did, and we started it with a streaming session, though due to technical and time problems, it could only hold for about an hour U__U (I need a new laptop after all).

Despite that, it wasn't for nothing, and a few cool designs for Noel came out!


Thanks to everyone who voted for Noel's design!

After a really close call, winning by just ONE vote, the bottom one was picked as Noel's design.

Hope you'll all like him!




Due to my laptop needing a factory restore, development has been slowed down a bit. Despite that, there has been quite a lot of progress, which I'll proceed to detail like so:

  • scripting: 90% (needs beta-reading and spell-checking)
  • sound and sfx: 40%
  • GUI: 100%
  • CG: 0%
  • backgrounds: 10%
  • sprites: 5%


As soon as my laptop is back to shape (hopefully before the year ends :P) I'll throw myself at that sprite art with the fury of a thousand starving artists and start showing you guys some progress that you can actually oggle at.




Here's a WIP picture of our second character, Simon:



I'm happy to present to you the first finished sprite for Sidney.


And here are a few screencaps. the game is being scripted with placeholder art so we can work on plot and art assets at the same time;


You can follow our blog for the game at http://charmonthegame.tumblr.com/

Feedback of any kind is welcomed!

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Hey guys!
We made a Livestream channel so you can come watch us draw!
We'll be working on the sprites for the game; and you can ask questions, chat to us, make suggestions, or whatever you want (but be nice!)

The first stream will be on New Year, in the afternoon, so what better way to spend the day and start the year?


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