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100% Orange Juice


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Anyone have this game? I am curious to see how much member on Fuwanovel play this game.


If you do not know what is 100% Orange Juice. It's an anime board game on steam. It may look dull & boring if you look at the picture or video in the store page but the game is really fun to play with your friend (or random people) online. You can custom your avatar if you have the clothes, color & etc. Some time the campaign/singleplayer mode can be annoying, though.


Well, that is my overview/review (kinda) about 100% Orange Juice. You can read other people review in the store page. Also, 100% Orange Juice is currently -60% off but you might as well want to get the 4 pack (-40 % off) for Christmas to give it to your friend or something.

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looks like fun but I would need friends to play this with and none of them have it.

The four pack is also on sale. I just grabbed it and gave it out to friends. Should note the 4 pack doesnt seem to work if you already own the game for some reason. As in, you can only gift the full pack and not the individual pieces

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The game is fun in multiplayer. I wouldn't recommend it for single player though because the devs themselves have stated that the computer gets rigged dice rolls, or something to that affect.


The multiplayer is really fun though. I got a few people that I play with a few times a month, but I'm down to play with others.

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