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Fuwa Anime Club: 1st Cycle

Stray Cat

Cycle 1: Questions  

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  1. 1. Did you watch Durarara with everyone in the first cycle?

  2. 2. Would you be interested in a side project of watching another anime as it airs each season?

  3. 3. Was this enough time to watch the series?

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It was invariable that people would all go vote on my stellar choice. You were all doomed by the RNG gods.


I would personally watch anything that the club ends up choosing, even what I've already watched before.


nothing seems to particularly catch my interest

Make some sacrifices, lad! Close your eyes and click something, then rewatch Durarara, for queen and country!

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O.K., just some clarification here.  We will all watch the anime with the largest number of votes.  Some people still seem confused on this point. 


What if we don't watch that anime? will we be killed by giants robotics ninjas cyborgs of doom?

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Well everyone, at this point there is no numerical way for another option to win, so the winner of the first cycle is Durarara!!  



Also congrats to Tiago as the winner this round and thus the selector of next round's genre. 


Since the anime has 24 episodes, we will watch it over the course of two weeks, so try to finish it by December 28th.  Discussion is encouraged but be sure to use spoilers and indicate what episode you are on so you do not ruin things for other participants. 


Buh bye!  :upupu:

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Wont it be awesome if I'm the only one who doesn't manage to finish on time, even though I chose this one? 

With the holidays starting my work just tripled and after that I've got about 50 parties divided by 500 cousins I need to visit, meaning Christmas week will be a busy one.


Of course, there's always time for Fuwanovel! Let's just see if I can say the same for anime.

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