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Most Fabulous Anime Opening?

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Eye bleeding fabulous. Also a super shitty anime. But Rise is in it so bonus points. 


I honestly hate that opening but I since I am owned by Atlus I have no option but to like it. 


I personally loved all the dark themes an foreshadowing they worked into this one.


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Man... I usually dislike the Op's and ED's so much when I start watching the anime. But after watching them they grow so much on me. I tend to love them if I love the anime as well.

So they are all good for me xD (The ones I like ofc)

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I liked Ga-rei Zero and Sola (the OST for that anime is really good) enough to watch the OP multiple times, but my favourite out of the ones here has to be Spice and Wolf. Most of it comes from the song, though 0:33 is an AWESOME touch.


SAO 1's quite nice, though honestly I prefer it with lyrics overlay (it looks more lively)



I love the horizon backdrops at 1:05, the vocals are to my liking. The ED might be even better though.

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