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Tomoyo is clearly best girl.



Hehehe thats true SieghartXx I wish Kyou could have her own anime so we could watch it.

And Kyou actually does have a single episode that reflects that route in the VN



Edit: Kyou's route isn't very long from what I remember. So here's a good walkthrough for Clannad that should help you get each ending http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/921463-clannad/faqs/61132

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I don't know about a "best girl", but Kotomi's and Nagisa's route were my favorite.

Overall, besides Fuuka which was still good but not as good at the other ones imo, they all are awesome, even the secondary ones.

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Tomoyo is definitely my most favourite, just followed by Kyou. The Fuko route was the most tedious, because it had a glitch where the music stopped playing (And I really hate Fuko! I like all the other characters though...)

But you'd better follow the walkthrough, otherwise you will never get to After Story (and certain routes have to be done in a specific order).

(I completed this Visual Novel some time ago... But I have never forgotten how good it was).

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