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OGE Seeking Programmers/ Hackers for Next Project


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Hello Everyone,

UPDATE: Someone has swiftly helped us with our problem! So we have our next project and will begin working on it now. It will probably take a year or two before completion. We don't require anymore help at the moment now, but thank you so much to person who helped us and to those of you who considered!

OGE is currently looking for a programmer/ Hacker that can help us  move onto our next project. We are the group responsible for Starry Sky ~in Spring~, Princess Nightmare, and the Under the Moon trial translations.  We typically don't seek help with our projects, but as we are a very small group without a proper hacker/ programmer we have run into constant road blocks while trying to get one of the next games we want to work on done. We have some programming experience, but as the head translator I seem to spend more time trying to get the programming working than on translation; and I much rather spend that time translating

What we are looking for is someone who can at the bare minimum make it possible for us to extract and reinsert scripts into one of any of the following games we are considering.  It would be even better if you can help us do the same for images (it killed us to release Starry Sky without the images in it). If that is possible for you to do, we will pick up the game and complete it.

Here are the games we would like to work on, but can't get to work with any of our tools or very basic programming knowledge:

1. Gakuen Tokkyuu Hotokenser: https://vndb.org/v5473
This game is a .xp3, but seems to be one with special encryption.

2. Zettai Meikyuu Grimm ~Nanatsu no Kagi to Rakuen no Otome~: https://vndb.org/v1970

The files for this one are detected as VCD File (.dat). Karin Entertainment changed their game engine for their newer games making it completely different from our experience with Princess Nightmare.  Although, if you enjoyed that game you would enjoy this one a lot.

3. MIYAKO - Tsukiyomi no Yumehttps://vndb.org/v6974

Made up of .crx and .pck files.

4. Sanzen Sekai Yuugi ~MultiUniverse Myself~https://vndb.org/v12096

This is another .xp3 with its own layer of encryption that keeps the typical tools from working (at least to the extent we can use them). This is also the only Hentai Otome game we have intentions of working on at the moment (Under the Moon was a trial only, done under another translator at her pace).

If you can help us with this please comment here or PM me. If we cannot find someone we will most likely take a break for a while until more PC games come out that we are interested in; as we only work on games we love ourselves and want to share with the community.

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Wow, a post from the Oge group... I really appreciated your work on Starry Sky in Spring, and I was glad to see the release of Princess Nightmare earlier this year. Thank you. Any chance that there might be a full translation of Under the Moon?


I made sure to look what reviewer Hinano said about Miyako, Gakuen Tokkyu Hotokenser, and Zettai Meikyuu Grimm. All three of her reviews were positive.


I'm having some trouble finding detailed discussions about Sanzen Sekai Yuugi. Maybe it's a bit too recent? I'm intrigued by the sci-fi story and the action girl protagonist.


Other comments...


* There's a moderate amount of adult boy x boy VNs in English, as well as a handful of adult girl x girl VNs. And as you probably know, it's all too easy to equate romance games with boy x girl porn games. However, there's maybe two or three girl x boy visual novels available in English which have even an implied sex scene. If you can find an untranslated adult otome game that is well-regarded with positive reviews, then please consider whether it will be worth the effort of translating.


* Any chance of going professional? Earlier this year, Mangagamer finally announced its first localizations of a boy x boy VN (No Thank You!) as well as a girl x boy VN (Ozmafia). Would you benefit by working with them, Sekai Project, or another group of professionals?

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Thank you, we're glad you enjoyed it! Under the Moon isn't under the lead translator of OGE and so isn't held to any kind of time constraints. I would have to say there is a high chance it won't be getting a full release, but still a small chance if the translator who wanted to pick it up and joined us decides to finish it.  OGE is mostly acting as support to the translator of that project. 

Yes, all of the games we were deciding between were ones we have personally found to be very enjoyable on many different levels.
Sanzen Sekai Yuugi is an 18+ otome game with a very strong bounty hunter female main character.  It is one of the more highly plot focused 18+ otome games, with the hentai scenes being more story based and romantic in comparison to other 18+ games. If you like sci-fi, action, and cop stories with strong female main characters you would like this game. Some of the Japanese reviews said it lacked in romance, but for the way the plot is it is satisfying enough. It will probably be the more challenging choice of the 4 because of the constant scifi terms, but we love a good challenge! Also, on Amazon.jp it has 4 out of 5 stars from 15 reviews. 

Sanzen Sekai Yuugi would be the 18+ game we would consider. It is one of the few that the entire team enjoyed/ is interested in. 

The answer to your final question is a little more difficult. The simple answer is that we are neither against nor for it. It just really depends on the situation and the circumstances. However, we are very happy to see that the otome community has grown and quite a few commercial games have been published since we released Starry Sky~in Spring~. We hope that all the groups that are able to pursue it professionally do well, since in the end what we have always aimed for is bringing more exposure to otome games and to help the fans enjoy them. 

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Looked at Gakuen Tokkyuu Hotokenser, but it has a load of horrible anti-debugging, preventing me from looking up some needed stuff at launch, and the decryption itself seems difficult. Even leads to some weird things like files not actually being decrypted properly (sound\sysse_select.ogg for instance; xor'd with 0x01010101 and passed to vorbis with an invalid header at least). The whole thing was too complex for me.


Just started looking at Sanzen Sekai Yuugi, seems to have the same decryption as Gakuen so I doubt I'll be able to do anything with that either. >:


Difficult stuff here, takes a while to get the games too, will take a while to try to do these.

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Thank you very much for looking into it for us! Someone PMed us with tools to get one of the games working so for now we will work on that project until we complete it. But if you ever come across a way to get the others to work, please let us know since we would most likely move onto that game after finishing our current project. Once again, we really appreciate you taking the time to look into it for us!


We mostly prioritize otome games, yes. Not that we are against other genres, but it is mostly based on whatever games interest us at the time. Otome games tend to get less completed translations as well so we focus there. Although we love a good bxg game when it crosses our path, none have really drawn us to take them on as a project at the moment. 

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I don't know about the other games, but I could extract the xp3 files in Sanzen Sekai Yuugi ~MultiUniverse Myself~ by using the XP3Viewer here. All I needed to do was drag the game's main executable, 参千世界遊戯.exe onto XP3Viewer.exe, then drag the .xp3 file I wanted to extract in the new menu that popped up. I love this game, so I'm really happy to hear that OGE is considering this project! (I'd offer my help in translation, but pretty busy with scanalation stuff and the half-dead Anniversary no Kuni no Alice project orz)


....Aaaand just noticed that this is a months old thread. You probably have sorted out this issue by now. XD

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I know this is super late, but wahh a post from OGE themselves! I never got to say it, but I wanted to directly tell you my thanks. Thank you SO much for translating Princess Nightmare! I adore otome games, and translations for them are quite rare. I had a lot of fun with Princess Nightmare and it was all thanks to your team. *Gives you all a million roses*

And that list of potential otome game candidates looks awesome, they're all games that have incredibly interesting plots and characters yay! Out of curiosity, what was the game out of those 4 that ended up being chosen? ^_^

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