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Fuwanovel Confessions

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confession: IM GAY.   Okay, im not gay, im bisexual, but I have fallen in love with another guy for the first time ever and its mutual. its pretty wierd tbh, but it feels really great,

Confession: On a more positive note

2 hours ago, Cyrillej1 said:

Wooow 1st place!  Amaazzinggg -clap-,  congraaats!   :sacchan:  

Do you get anything for winning the contest?

Thanks :mare:

Nah, it really is just a practice contest to see who to pick for the university team. But even if I didn't do as well on the previous ones, maybe I have a chance to be picked now that I got first... who knows?

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2 hours ago, john 'mr. customer' smith said:

I like a bit of incest, but inbreeding just makes me want to throw up. I might still try it though, thanks.

only 2 (3 if you count the harem) routes have incest, FWIW.


Confession: I fucking SUCK HARD at graphic design. Just look at this piece of shit, took me 3 fucking hours and I'll probably have to discard it:


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9 minutes ago, Eclipsed said:

So I'm off on the road and will be with my coworkers for the next 24 hours ish

And so I'm binging Re;zero

And for the first time in my life I got called a weeb :makina: 

And then they started spamming random Japanese words for the next 5 minutes (which, btw, annyeonghaseyo is Korean...)

Confirm, our local koreaboo always say that. 

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A confession about a confession. I said my soulmate, that I'm a lolicon (I can just say this: her reaction was priceless ^^), well, she still could talk normally after the 1st shock, so I think it's a good sign :mare:.

On another matter, I must really get into this student pace again. 2nd year studying german on weekends, was the 2nd studying weekend now, and god am I exhausted (waking up on 5am - coming back on 10pm). And I don't even want to think about all the homework to do and grammar to learn in this 5 days before the next weekend...


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Confession:   I was looking to play something different, and then Rain got me addicted to Sengoku Rance...   I've been playing it all night and can't stop!  It's actually pretty fun, and I like how there's so many different characters that show up.  Rance is an asshole, but it does make me laugh at times and being able to conquer all the girls in a jrpg is kinda entertaining.  :makina:    

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12 hours ago, Fred the Barber said:

Confession: Every fall, when the fog rolls in to Seattle, I think to myself: "I must enter the TV world and save them!"

The post-Persona 4 fog syndrome is real. I finished it on New Year's Eve last year, and no fog was the same that winter. 

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On 06/10/2016 at 4:50 AM, Eclipsed said:

gl with your long distance love trials, Kuu-chan. 

I bombed mine, the despair caused by the desire for physical companionship was just too great no matter how many funtimes we had in the virtual 2D realm and late night social mediaisms :upupu:

If it was a long distance relationship, it would mean i confessed.


I hadn't, i'm a fucking beta....

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1 hour ago, UnlimitedMoeWorks said:

Confession: Last year, I blew all of my college funds on a PlayStation Vita and a couple of Senran Kagura games because my friends pressured me to do so. They really wanted me to try out the games because they were huge fans of the series. It was a stupid mistake and it took me almost a year to regain my lost funds.

Vita was a good buy. Senran Kagura, not really.

If you still have a Vita play Persona 4 Golden and Danganronpa.

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24 minutes ago, UnlimitedMoeWorks said:

Yeah, I've sold my Senran Kagura copies because the series is not really that good. I still have my Vita and the only games I have on it are the Neptunia Re;Birth games.

I may check out Persona 4 and Danganronpa when I get the chance.

Try Soul Sacrifice Delta and Tearaway as well. These are two Vita exclusives and they're utterly GODLIKE.

1 minute ago, Kurisu-Chan said:

Or Danganronpa on PC. 

shush, you 

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JP is starting to get extremely hard, my sensei said that the first month would be the hell month because l0lhiragana, but jeezus, all these particles in addition to a HUGEEEE amount of daily activities vocab is starting to really whoop my ass, add in midterms coming up for other classes and you just wish you have Return by Death so you can tank everything, die, and then ace everything

stuff i need to know for the next quiz:


  • は - topic marker
  • か - question marker
  • の  - noun relation
  • も - similarity marker
  • に - time marker; to destination
  • へ - to (direction)
  • で - at/in/on; location of action/event
  • を - direct object marker
  • が - there is X

For the most part, i got these in the bag. i think.

Don't ask me about daily activities. Days of the week, today, tomorrow, day before yesterday, morning, weekend, always, usually, sometimes, and all that other breakfast / shower / tv / study / go home / sleep crap

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