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Fuwanovel Confessions

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confession: IM GAY.   Okay, im not gay, im bisexual, but I have fallen in love with another guy for the first time ever and its mutual. its pretty wierd tbh, but it feels really great,

Confession: I was one with the puns today.  We went out whale watching, and for a period of five minutes or so, I only responded to people with pretty awful sea-related puns, like "I a-grebe", "I need

Tbh I don't think any of you are ugly, it's just not like: 'damn, I'd do that guy if I was gay', y'know

If I was gay, I'd totally do Neil Patrick Harris and Star Trek TOS-era George Takei.  I'm straight and even I have to admit that they are and were smokin', respectively.

You should leave a like, then. I feed on internet points.

Join reddit.  I get a bunch of internet points for posting old memes, being a grammar Nazi, providing sources for pics and confirming peoples' biases.  I'm just waiting until they open a Karma Store and I can cash out all that sweet, sweet karma.  /s

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CONFESSION: Not the most confident person in the world. Not the handsomest either. Wait, how are these confessions...

Because they are insecurities. Mwahahahaha! 

Thanks for making me feel slightly superior. Doing good work for the people of Fuwa.

Just doing my job. But I do have a wife. My waifu is a relative unknown though... I kinda did that on purpose. It would have been too easy to pick Tohsaka...

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Cannot confirm.

I'm amazing, am alone, what a mystery.

 But you have a sister to keep you company. :makina:

Truly, the only ones you can't ever get rid of are the annoying ones.

I'm amazing, am alone, what a mystery.

I laughed so hard, ty for making my day, Tiaj

You should leave a like, then. I feed on internet points.

Tch. Real awesome people wouldn't need such confirmation of their awesomeness 

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I actually do need people spurring me on in order to do things. It's one of my unfortunate shortcomings.

Really?!  How interesting.

Do it, Tiag! Eat that mouldy, and likely disease-ridden sandwich, you found behind the couch. It may be black, and it may smell funky, but this was how penicillin was made and that's undoubtedly good for you. Logic therefore dictates your sandwich will be likewise, so you should scoff it down if you want to be healthy. 

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 Remember confidence is your best friend.  No one likes someone who doesn't at least value themselves.

Can confirm: I suck.

Any takers?


I have yet to see a person on fuwa who is legit handsome


no offense


Ren is pretty cute tho


Ren isn't into yaoi apparently :(

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