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Fuwanovel Confessions

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confession: IM GAY.   Okay, im not gay, im bisexual, but I have fallen in love with another guy for the first time ever and its mutual. its pretty wierd tbh, but it feels really great,

Confession: I was one with the puns today.  We went out whale watching, and for a period of five minutes or so, I only responded to people with pretty awful sea-related puns, like "I a-grebe", "I need

Confession: yesterday while browsing imgur I saw a picture of a girl who looked very similar to my ex, I looked into it more and turns out the girl is a model and she does indeed look like my ex in a lot of her pictures. If anyone is curious (which nobody probably is) I can post some of them.


Flutterz has an ex????? WHAT?


Also, you seem to be into girls with baby faces or is that just me :makina:

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Delayed confession response time: I would maybe be interested in a female ryechu. I might also be convinced to date a female vokotea. RIP in heterosexuality.


I don't really consider myself to have bonded very deeply with people on Fuwa, just decently well with some. I do have some people I've actually talked to and shared enough with to consider stronger than that, which thankfully includes Tay (we have to work together, after all). I suppose you could call me connected though since the only place I haven't really been is to FuwaChat, maybe I should work on that but the clunky is just too much for me lol

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Flutterz has an ex????? WHAT?


Also, you seem to be into girls with baby faces or is that just me :makina:

We dated for just over a week, remember how I said I kissed a girl once (okay, maybe a couple of times) in the advice thread (I think)? :P


No comment >.>


Confession: I can't believe Flutterz managed to date such a hottie and then ended up as a fuwa mod


where did it all go wrong? :amane:

If it's any consolation, I have no idea why she liked me, certainly wasn't for my good looks. And then VNs happened. :makina:


Uh, she looks a little like one of my cousins.


... Wait a minute... 

Incest is wincest :D

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eziest b8 of my life :Kappa:






That last one in particular made me do a double-take, if not for the eye color and the fact that her hair a bit wavy I wouldn't be able to tell the difference


Ahhhhhhhhhhh.... My eyes are melting!


Flutterz = good taste. And can we post pics of RL girls here??? Wouldn't this make us be arrested?

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Can you guys recap how that went?

Day 0: Hey I like you will you go out with me? "Sure!"

Day 1: How was your day? "Was good"

Day 2: One time I went rockclimbing and fell onto a mountain lion. I almost died! "Whoa, really?"

Day 3: The best thing to eat on a hot day is some good ol' ice cream w/ a cute lil' cherry on top. Speaking of cute, you're cute. "Sorry I don't think our relationship is going to work"



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