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Fuwanovel Confessions

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confession: IM GAY.   Okay, im not gay, im bisexual, but I have fallen in love with another guy for the first time ever and its mutual. its pretty wierd tbh, but it feels really great,

Confession: I was one with the puns today.  We went out whale watching, and for a period of five minutes or so, I only responded to people with pretty awful sea-related puns, like "I a-grebe", "I need

Confession: On a more positive note

Confession: I think I've been browsing reddit too much


I just found out they have an incest section where moms share stories about having sex with their sons etc


I'm so grossed out right now, ughhhh

You didn't know about that. I am truly ashamed of you. That doesn't have to do anything with me but you should know that every site has its weird part. even fuwa does

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I would totally date Flutterz if he promises to stop with the horrible puns


I would totally date Flutterz if he promises to never stop making horrible puns. 

Sorry Tyrael, but in this case the choice is obvious. :wafuu:

I don't mind a harem, but I'm not going to stool down to avoiding terrible puns. :P

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Confession: I thought Flutterz's post count was 100000000, just to scroll back up again and see that it wasn't rigged at all. That scared me. It was Pizza Scott all over again.


Confession 2: Whenever I open the Fuwa Advice thread, my browser freezes, then automatically closes. I guess I'm not allowed in that realm yet due to lack of experience. Or is it because my job isn't compatible? GG, wizard apprentice is screwed.


Confession 3: I would totally date Roach/Arakura/Tyrael if they were girls.

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