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What's the meaning behind your username?

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Just realized I never explained.  It's a reference to my favorite manga Black Cat by Kentaro Yabuki.


Major Plot Spoilers:


"Train Heartnet (トレイン ハートネット Torein Hātonetto?), also known as Black Cat (黒猫 Kuro Neko?), is the protagonist and a Sweeper partnered with Sven. Train is a lighthearted, courageous man who is highly skilled with a gun. The 23 years old's distinguishing features are a choker with a tiny bell attached to it and the XIII tattoo he has on the left side of his chest.[1]:26 Two years earlier Train was a Chronos Number, a ruthless assassin and Number XIII of the group. He has a large amount of killing intent that he honed from his days as a Chronos member, and as a result he often has sudden mood swings, going from carefree to serious in an instant, especially when Creed is mentioned. This personality stems from being orphaned at 10 years old after the assassin Zagine Axeloake kills his parents, takes Train in and teaches him how to kill with efficiency.[ch. 68] Zagine eventually dies and tells Train that he needs to be the strongest in order to survive. After that, Karl took Train in and he became an assassin for Chronos. Having been killing and exposed to death since early childhood, Train becomes very bleak and unsmiling until he leaves Chronos. He eventually meets Saya, a carefree sweeper, who slowly changes Train into a "stray cat" that does not blindly follow orders. He decides not to kill anymore, and after Creed kills Saya, he leaves to become a Sweeper and searches after him."

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Well, mine's a name I just came up with... don't really have a story behind it, just thought of it and was like "hey that sounds alright, let's take it"^^


That said, I used to go by Norlond which was the name of a char i played in Lord of the Rings Online, and before that was the name of a char in a LotR fanfic I wrote when I was younger (when was it... 10+ years ago I think?)

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Way, way back in the day I used to go by the handle DarkKnight. It was a cool and edgy name for a cool and edgy middle schooler. But it was actually lame as hell and after a while I started using another name. However, most of my internet buddies from back then still call me "DK", and I also use the handle "dk382" whenever I sign up for a site I didn't want others to find me on. That sort of morphed into "Decay" when I registered here.

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1 minute ago, Molipa said:

I was just looking for a random username, ended up typing molip randomly, added an A. Not really original nor funny, sorry.

I like this one. An intersection of soul and fate.


Mine is from a hilarious scene in 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. Decided on it kinda randomly, really. 

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