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What's the meaning behind your username?

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2 hours ago, Kawasumi said:

im gay

Hi, Gay! (let's just assume that this is your name) :D


But damn! This thread sure is active....

Lemme join! I usually use 斎木 才和 (read as Saiki Saiwa) for my nick name whenever a game requires both sure and given name.

But if not, then I will use "Adhen", it makes me feel at ease since this is abbreviation of my real name. The idea came from Kirigaya Kazuto being Kirito (damn that guy! genius!) :notlikemiya:

If you ever see a player in a game (mostly Japanese online game) using "Adhen" as a name and not アッデン, that's probably me :maple:

*Just FYI, 斎木 is a family name (no meaning) and 才和 is formed with 才 (talent) and 和 (harmony), so you get the picture of the name there.

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