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An issue with one of the routes in DRAMAtical Murder...?

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Are you running your computer with Japan system locale? (link to instructions): Yes

Game Name: DRAMAtical Murder

Description of Problem: I've managed to complete all routes except Ren's. For some reason it won't let me. There is a point, where I assume Aoba is about to go into Ren's mind (?) and the whole screen turns black. The normal visual for a Scrap or Rhyme intro is that black and blue/red mini movie thing. I assume this is what's supposed to happen next. The screen does go black, but then the whole game stops and it closes down. I've tried many times to re-do the route but it always shuts down at the same point.

Your Operating System: Windows 7

64 or 32 bit (link to how to find): 32 bit

What did you already try? (Uninstall/Reinstall, Redownload, Run as admin, etc): Just running as admin. My computer is already set to the Japan system locale and honestly, I'm not sure if I can do anything. Turning off the movie visuals in the config menu doesn't affect it. It's a real shame, as the game has been working perfectly so far..  :( 

Did you download your game from Fuwanovel?: Yes



Here's a screenshot of the game when it shuts down:



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I'm having the exact same problem, only with Noiz's route... So far, I've completed Mink's one and it all went smoothly (same for half of Noiz's route), but when I've come to the point when Aoba is going inside Noiz's mind, the game crashed down: it  went back to the "Nitro+Chiral" logo screen (the one with the white background) and then it started showing previous bits of the game with altered colours and with the text boxes not showing the English translation, but the original Japanese text... How do I fix this? :(

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