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What Are You Watching: Movie and TV Show Edition


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Ah, another Clive Barker enthusiast. I have yet to watch this one, but I'll be sure to get on it especially since that new director's cut edition seems to have come out recently. A reboot is in the works, hopefully they can bring back Doug Bradley back as Pinhead. So hard to find a horror film that actually scares me nowadays...




If you have netflix, the director's cut is available for streaming.

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Watched four movies today with a friend.


The Interview: I expected a mediocre comedy, but this one ended up having a lot more laughs than I was expecting

In The Loop: This move was downright brilliant. Really funny satire.

The Knights of Badassdom: The Evil Dead meets LARPing. Overall a pretty bad movie.

Your Sister's Sister: Weird romantic (I hesitate to call) comedy. Off in some areas, but still an enjoyable film. The conclusion kind of dragged on.

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Just finished watching 'Cold in July'. A great crime thriller about a guy who kills an intruder in the middle of the night. He stumbles upon a world of corruption and crime syndicates once he realizes that the man he killed wasn't who the police said it was. Very gritty film and gave me chilling vibes which reminded me a lot of the show 'True Detective'.


Here's a review in case anyone's interested: http://thehorrorclub.blogspot.com/2014/10/blu-ray-review-cold-in-july-2014.html#.VJ9Exv8RDA

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Not really a movie but I started to watch the TV series Marco Polo (10 episodes a la 50 minutes). Enjoying it a lot after 2 episodes.


I rewatched both movies of Sherlock Holmes this weekend too. Good movies.


It's a decent show, though you could probably remove Polo and it would be just as interesting I think.

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My sister made me watch 'The Fault In Our Stars' with her


Good lord, what a boring movie. 

that sucks 

i tried reading the book at my sisters recommendation. shes 13 so ofc shes gonna like it. ive greens looking for alaska, wil grayson, and abundance of catherines back in highschool. hes not a good author but enjoyable for teens atleast

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I watched the Fifth Element without knowing what to expect at all.... I'll give it its humour, and the action that wasn't centred on explosions. Too many explosions, though. And that romantic subplot... Totally unconvincing. The heroine wasn't a character, she was a plot device... 

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I just went to see The Hobbit... again.


Watching the previews... I realized how much of a cynical bastard I have become when it comes to Hollywood movies. xD

...is that even possible to avoid?  I don't like it when my favorite book series are altered to no reason, either.  Case in point: A Song of Ice and Fire.  Technically a TV show, but the point still stands.  It's the reason I'm refusing to watch the Hunger Games movies; I didn't like the direction the changes were heading towards.  Not gonna deny I overreacted, but I'm just sick of movies deviating from the original plot of the book it's based on.


[/rant]  Anyway...I watched Monsters Inc. again over the weekend.  God, that movie really brings back some good memories of my childhood.

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