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Brothers Conflict English Translation [PSP]

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Basic Information

  • Title:  Brothers Conflict Passion Pink, Brothers Conflict Brilliant Blue
  • Publisher:  Idea Factory, Otomate (official site here)
  • Platform:  PSP (Playstation Portable)
  • Release Dates in JP: Passion Pink released June 17, 2012; Brilliant Blue released September 12, 2013
  • Synopsis:  After her father re-married, Ema moved into the Asahina Family House and acquired 11 brothers. Ema intended to live peacefully with them as a family, but the sudden appearance of a girl in an all male household causes discord. Going on with their lives, the brother's feelings for Ema change and the start of a same roof forbidden romance begins. (Source:  VNDB)

Translation Project Information


Hello!  My name is Kairi.  I am the editor as well as one of the leaders of Passion and Brilliance, the project team that is working on the Brothers Conflict games.  We are translating both Passion Pink and Brilliant Blue.


Our site with all our information can be located here:  Passion & Brilliance ; Documentation (especially concerning ROMHacking) can be located in this GBATemp thread.  Documentation concerning scripts can be found on the main site and to an extent the GBATemp thread.


Current Staff (updated Nov. 30, 2014)


Main Administrators:  Kairi and Theresa


Translators:  Ren, Sakia, Arianne, Saki, Theresa


Proofreader/Editor:  Kairi


Contributor:  Tori/Momo


ROMHackers/Programmers:  Olivia, Sky


Past Staff


Administrator, Translator, and ROMHacker:  Sebz


Programmer/Hacker:  thexyz


Progress (overall statistics only, no specifics as of yet)


Passion Pink

Overall Translated - 84% as of November 6, 2014

Overall Proofreaded/Edited - 44% as of November 6, 2014

Reinsertion has begun for this game, but the percentage is currently unknown.


Brilliant Blue

Overall Translated - 5% as of November 6, 2014

Overall Proofreaded/Edited - 0% as of November 6, 2014


We are currently in need of:

  • ROMHackers

While we have enough people for translating and editing, we are in need of ROMHackers.  Our main ROMHacker, Sebz, left the project not too long ago, and an unknown ROMHacker left earlier before her due to reasons unknown.  Unfortunately, I cannot provide proper documentation or specifics on what we need in our ROMHacker besides the documentation left in the GBATemp thread; as no information was released to the rest of the team unless it was concerning script formatting issues.


However, our main concern is that we need a ROMHacker that can primarily reinsert script files into the ISO.


Thank you and I hope I am able to find someone who can help us here!




[Also, if the mods could possibly move this to the 'ongoing project' section that would be great, since I'm a newbie here to fuwanovel and I have absolutely no idea if what I'm doing is correct ahaha.  ;A;d]

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Thread's been moved.

Good luck with the rest of the project guys, it seems like you're close to finishing :)


I'm actually quite curious about this VN, from looking at it there seems to be a ton of heros with all kinds of quirks, some looked interesting.

Maybe this will be the first Otome game I try.

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Thank you!  c:


And yeah, we're really close on Passion Pink.  We're hoping to get it done by 2015, if possible!  


Yep, all the brothers have unique qualities to them that set them off on their respective stories.  And I say go for it!  Though do be prepared for extreme fluffiness and ridiculousness, haha.  Some of the brothers have some really deep stories though, so I suppose that balances it out.

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Are you still stuck on this? I'm really not sure any more. OP says you're still looking, but also says reinsertion has begun, and I can't find a mention on your blog of still needing help with it. thexyz did demonstrate it back in january, what happened there?


Would need to know what sort of format you have your scripts in though if you do still need help. I don't really want to do manual inserting (and if there's no choice I leave it to you guys. :P)

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