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Best Portable for VNs

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I've been looking for a good portable for a VN without breaking the bank. I found this tablet which runs windows 8.1 for 99$. With coupon codes you could bring it down to 65$. 


HP Stream 7 Tablet





Take $30 OFF with the following coupon (enter exactly as shown, with comma/space): BTH48, SV3846, CONNECT

Use Corporateperks [corporateperks.com] to use HP employee discount and the total comes to ~$65 before taxes. You can use your university email to sign-up for the perks. On top of that, use Discover card and get 5% extra cashback (~$3.25) from Oct-Dec, 2014.

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Right from the HP spec sheet
Expansion slots 1 microSD


Keep up with life with a one-year subscription to Office 365 2 which includes 1TB of OneDrive 3 cloud storage, powerful Office tools, and 60 Skype minutes per month

Windows 8.1 works fine with 1GB of RAM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8zEcx4wbuE


This is the cheapest deal you can get for a Windows 8.1 platform right now. The thing is lighter than my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, which is about 15 ounces. Problem is, it's out of stock!



EDIT: Update, the item was reportedly on sale by accident in the HP store. They pulled it from the website storefront. Intended sell date is for Black Friday starting 11/27/2014! 

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not bad for the price, but i gotta say that although VNs are among the least hardware demanding games, the low clocked silvermont core will struggle with 720p ones. It might not be apparent under automode but we tested tiny dungeon 3 on a dell venue 8 (same perf), frames are choppy and the game isn't as responsive especially during special effect transitions. Other ones with built-in combat systems, BSD for example, are entirely single thread reliant and won't run good. also, the 1GB ram wont give you much freedom to exploit the 4 cores, the 32GB emmc with only a micro-USB port also hinders the number of games you can carry at once. this could suit whoever needs to play typical (800x600) VNs, one or two at a time, with no background processes and will only run simple software or apps. otherwise, i'd recommend a more expensive general purpose convertible.



heres's a reference benchmark, it measures the time it takes to skip from the beginning of the VN 天神乱漫 to the first choice. note that the atom z3735 in this has the same theoretical performance as the z3740.



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Yeah but it's perfect for a small trip where you decide to upload a couple less demanding VNs along. I don't think it's a good idea to use it for games like Kamidori Alchemy or anything. At the very least, it'll be a be able to render some basic effects from Fate Stay Night that VNDS couldn't. For awhile I was playing VNs on a CPU similar to those specs. Only recently did I upgrade to take advantage of Photoshop. 

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I bought a windows tablet a month ago for around $200. It's pretty cheap for it's price considering I'm not from US. It also has an Intel Atom 3735D, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB storage, Micro SD slot up to 64GB, Office 365 Personal and a detachable keyboard that also serves a case.


I have to say, it's pretty good when it comes to VN. I can also use it to do work. I have to say that the purchase is worth it.

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its expensive but it will run visual novels, cracked pc games, steam games, and emulators including ppsspp & nintendo DS. theres also a good chance that you can play ps1 games on it so that opens many games to play and xbox 360 controllers and the high amount of memory you can added and connecting it to a tv makes it a great handheld 

its the best thing i can find to do all that for the price point. i plan to get one my self this year.


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