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"Hello!" <from Philippines

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Hello! yeah, I'm from Philippines and i love visual novels.


I first discovered vn's existence just this march. My first vn was "don't take it personally babe, it just ain't your story". I found it unintentionally. I realized that it's fun to be like a cast of a story- interacting with them, etc.. My curiosity was aroused so i continued to read small vn's like that one.


Eventually, i ended up in fuwanovel and was amazed to see a large collection of vn's. That's when i started with "G-senjou no Maou". At first, I was hesitating to play eroge, but eventually i got used to it. B) . And it was AWESOME. It's in a very different level compared to those short ones i've read. This encouraged me to read more from fuwanovel.


Some of my favorite characters are mizuha(g-string), oone touka and morita kenichi, lily and hanako, yukari (kara no shoujo), michiru and yumiko, and miyako (majikoi).


Now, I'm doing my best to learn Nihongo because I think that reading untranslated novel is cool.


I'm now working on Ever17 and i like Tsunderes.  :D 


That's all, Thanks!

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Wow. Hi, fellow Filipino! KosakiFag here.

Nakakatuwang makakita ng ibang Pilipino dito.

Yung iba siguro di ko lang alam na Pilipino, kagaya na lamang ng dalawang kilala ko dito.


Anyway, welcome to the forums~

I hope you enjoy your time here~

It hasn't been a long while, but do look for more visual novels~!

I'm sure there are others there that are definite masterpieces, just like G-Senjou.


Goodluck and mabuhay. <3



Welcome to the Forum kabayan.!!

BTW from what part of the Phil do you live?? I'm from Cebu!!


Enjoy you stay and I hope we will get along ^_^

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Aren't you the yuri guy?

So you're a Filipino huh.

Ayos. Salamat sa mga yuri post kung ganun. <3


Hahahah.. Yes, It is me but わたしわ おんなのこ です!!

It's my pleasure to give pleasure to you people plus I want to share my love of Yuri.. Bwahahaha. *Evil Laugh*

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Welcome and bienvenue to fuwaImGoingToKillJabberBecauseHeTookOurJob, please take your standard reward : a shoe.






Oh as a recommendation : steins;gate and shikkoku no sharnoth.



PS : i'm not a tsundere!

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